Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Honest Bumper Stickers 2016, Part VII: The Force Awakens for an Absentee Ballot

Just when you think I was gonna coast this month on just having a September drinking game set-up, here I come at ya with another round of brutally honest bumper stickers!!!

Have to start off the the Republican Party et al.

Thing is, the Beltway media is still all abuzz about Biden throwing in, but he's still on the fence about it and I don't blame him.  Just in case though...

 Meanwhile, there's the inevitable:

And there's the hypocritical:

And then there's the horrific:

And there's also the outside chance of a game-breaker:

And not much else to say for a guy who's slid off the map:

And what's this?  David Graham over at the Atlantic has to document any newcomer to the race, and here's Harvard Professor Lawrence Lessig starting up a campaign PAC to put his hat in the ring for campaign finance reform!  ...uh, yeah, the irony is unavoidable.

If anything, it gives me a reason to create this bumper sticker:

But it also brings up this issue for me:

So, in the interests of fairness:

Hell, I need to form a SuperPAC just to pay for the new Star Wars toys that came out this weekend!

Now I understand why they put election season so close to Halloween.  ARE YOU SCARED YET, AMERICA?!  Muhwa-hahahahaha...


dinthebeast said...

Why not "Superpac 2016: Cut out the middleman."

-Doug in Oakland

Paul Wartenberg said...

You're taking the "corporation as a person" meme just a little too far.