Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Pro-Fetus Crowds are Imposters

Nothing about this quote from more than 300 years ago has been proven wrong.

An honest man, like the true religion, appeals to the understanding, or modestly confides in the internal evidence of his conscience. The imposter employs force instead of argument, imposes silence where he cannot convince, and propagates his character by the sword.
- Junius (Letter 41, 1770)

The recent Colorado Springs shooting - where a terrorist (there is no other word to describe him right now) charged into a Planned Parenthood clinic with guns blazing and then shot at cops responding to the emergency - proves Junius correct.

The terrorist - a man with various addresses hailing from North Carolina up to Colorado, with a back history of violent behavior to his exes and neighbors - was someone willing to employ force, someone wanting to impose silence and fear on others, and sure as hell propagated his character by his sword guns.

This is a man who reportedly told the cops who finally arrested him "no more baby parts." This is a reference to accusations by "pro-life" (which aren't, they're more pro-fetus than that) groups that Planned Parenthood was harvesting aborted fetuses for body parts: accusations that had been proved a hoax created by selective editing and baseless speculation.

The entire pro-fetus movement are this: imposters and terrorists. They want an absolute ban on abortion (and contraceptives, which means they're really in opposition to sex they can't control), but they can't convince a majority of Americans who understand there are grey areas - rape, incest, the health of the mother - where abortion is a necessity.

So where they can't convince these pro-fetus wingnuts would impose violence: destroy the abortion providers, kill the doctors, threaten and stalk the women and families. They lie about abortion providers to try and trick the public into hating abortion as an option.

They violate every aspect of Christian grace, forgiveness, and adherence to the Commandments that honest Christians - those who modestly confide to themselves their faith - abide.

They're not even really pro-fetus, these yellers and screamers. If they truly were about protecting the fetus and the birth child, they would be lavishly giving out funds and supporting pre-natal and post-natal health care services to ensure safer births and healthier children, and pushing that agenda over the concerted effort to shut down, burn down, or shoot out clinics to their whims.

They'd be tripping over themselves to vote for food stamps aid for starving families, promoting child care services and pre-education programs that aid children in growing up smart and prepared. They're not: many of these "pro-fetus" leaders fall silent or disparaging towards the poor and hungry the second those fetuses turn into actual living babies.

No, this is what these Imposters are: they are pro-Judgment. This is what they truly love, being able to stand there - Bible in one hand and a pointing index finger with the other - and pass moral judgment on those they deem "inferior" to their morally perfect "superior" selves.

Have you ever been to a clinic protest? I've seen several at the clinic in Gainesville in the years I lived there. The small crowd gathered there weren't about salvation or praying, they are there with signs declaring others to be "murderers and sinners." I recall one sign railing against the "whores" who sin by using birth control pills. Those people weren't there for Jesus, or salvation, or grace: those people were there to show off, and they were there to pass judgment on those they hated.

That's nothing compared to the horror stories you can find online about these Pro-Judging crowds stalking people to their homes and threatening their families. But that's still part of their psyche: their desire to belittle and weaken their "lessers" drives these pro-judgers into bullying people 24/7 regardless of common decency and true grace.

So, no, don't call these pro-fetus people "pro-life" because they are not. Don't call these pro-fetus people Christians because, by their actions of loud denouncements and self-serving hypocrisy and destruction of lives, they are not.

Call these terrorists for what they are.

Call them Imposters.

And deny them any victory they seek, because they seek destruction of all others so they can rule over the ruin.

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