Tuesday, June 28, 2016

New Book - Surviving the Age of Obstruction: Notes On the Obama Years

Well, you were warned:

This was about as blue a cover I could get... ;)

I decided earlier this year to get some of my blogging articles here at Notice a Trend and put them into book format.

I had several reasons.

First, I was inspired by Molly Ivins. She had published many a newspaper and magazine column into well-received books one of which - Nothin' But Good Times Ahead - my Aunt Dot gifted me for Christmas back in the day.

It's a doable thing, one that I think more bloggers ought to look into. Not everybody reads off the Internet: there are people we could reach with our writings in book form that would never see our work online.

Second, I work at a library and I handle collection development in the Political Science and History shelves. And I am getting sick and tired of seeing a ton of anti-Obama drivel sitting on those shelves. It's like for every pro-Obama or progressive-leaning book, there's ten anti-Obama Far Right nonsense crowding out the space. So here's my contribution to balancing those shelves (if any libraries routinely order books via Ingram, one hopes).

The book contains selected essays from this blog focusing on the ongoing Republican obstructionism, the failures of Republican ideology, the rise of Barack Obama as a focus of Far Right ire, and the successes Obama achieved in spite of the obstruction.

I've included a handful of new essays that are not published on this blog, so there's that enticement.

Think of this as my Eagles Greatest Hits Volume One. Except for the lack of platinum awards or guitar riffs. I think my lyrics to "Dammit Republicans Stop Being Crazy" far outshines "Already Gone"... (granted, "One of These Nights" is too good IMHO)

If you do purchase a copy - THANK YOU - if you can do me a favor and leave a review on the site purchased from. If you like the book, please leave a good review. If you don't like the book... go ahead and be honest about it. I trust your judgment. If you notice any spelling or grammar errors... /shakes head ...just let it slide... Danke.

Link to the publisher bookstore
Link to Amazon.com page
Link to Barnes & Noble page


dinthebeast said...

Good going. Someone needs to be countering the wingnut welfare industrial complex (Regnery Publishing?) and all of the (as Molly would say) vicious drivel spewing forth from it. I'll try to check it out and tell you what I think, but I'm not sure exactly when I can manage it, as I have a lot going on just now...

-Doug in Oakland

Paul said...

well, here's a thought.

as this book is part of an attempt to win back the library book shelves, you can go to your county public library and put in a book order request for it. Mark it that you want to be put on hold for the book, and once they get it in and process it (many times, libraries will get a book requested by a user/patron) you should be first in line. Read it at your leisure (BUT RETURN IT BY THE DUE DATE!) and decide if you want to purchase your own copy.

When you do a book order for a library, they love to get the ISBN number for the book so they can pull it up on their acquisitions supplier (so far I know Ingram carries it but Baker & Taylor does not).


dinthebeast said...

OK, I'll try it. Maybe at the Berkeley and Richmond libraries as well?

-Doug in Oakland