Saturday, June 11, 2016

Oh No

Trump is throwing a rally at the downtown convention center today.

He's going to have Rick "Medicare Fraud" Scott and Pam "F-ck You Pay Me" Bondi in attendance.

Considering Bondi is getting outed for SOLICITING campaign contributions from Trump before dropping a state investigation into Trump U fraud charges, sharing a stage with her is going to be really bad optics at BEST...

Here's hoping the mob doesn't mess up the place, we need it cleaned up for the upcoming Tampa Comic-Con in August, okay???

Any bets on if Trump says something disparaging about the local Cuban population? Anyone...?


dinthebeast said...

I wonder why he hasn't had any rallies in Oakland? OK, I don't really wonder that, but it's fun imagining the riot. Seriously, we riot over almost anything: Win the Superbowl? Riot. Lose the Superbowl? Riot. Positive, inspiring political movement/event? Riot. Police murder unarmed black kid on video? Riot. We need to add some moves to our playbook, this has already gotten old, and the optics are terrible.
On the other hand, we try to play to our strengths, and as cars get stolen here at a rate of almost one per hour, just imagine Trump exiting Frank Ogawa Plaza through the riot, and finding his motorcade missing...

-Doug in Oakland

Pinku-Sensei said...

"Win the Superbowl? Riot. Lose the Superbowl? Riot." This is why, as an expatriate Angeleno, I'm glad the Raiders moved back to Oakland--Raiders fans. Of course, Lions fans may not be any better; we just haven't had the opportunity.