Thursday, August 11, 2016

Help A Blogger Out Pledge Drive

For the faithful readership you might notice that while I have a real-world full-time job, and that I moonlight at times as a (self) published author, I am someone struggling to make ends meet.

Some of this ties into the career I've chosen where the wages are not what you would call upper income (civil service at the city/county level will be like that). A lot of this struggle ties into that horrible four-year-long stretch of unemployment I suffered between 2009 to early 2013 where I barely found part-time work for a handful of months and my parents had to help big-time with stuff like the mortgage, medical bills, car repairs, and the like. I had accrued some debts onto my credit card that I tried and failed to manage (at one point I had to cash in a 457 retirement fund), to where I had to sign up for a non-profit debt relief program this year to finally try to pay that bill off.

Problem is, I am now on a very strict budget with something my parents are still helping me with, but now they're retired and they're also helping another family member struggling with unemployment. They're on a limited budget as well. And I really shouldn't be relying on them. I love them, they've done a lot for me, but I'm getting to the point I've got to take care of some of these things for myself.

Which is why I'm here begging asking for support with keeping this blog going.

While I'd love to see my writing career pick up increased readership, that'd fall more under wishful dreaming (either that or getting better at self-marketing). I'd love to see more traffic to my blog to where potential readers of my latest work Surviving the Age of Obstruction would happily buy a copy (or encourage their local library to do so).

I've been looking at Kickstarter-type sites to see what kind of fund-a-book project I could start, so there's a possibility for me there. I'd have to plan something I know is feasible within the time constraints and popular enough to draw an audience.

In the meantime, I have a PayPal donation link going on this blog. You can see it on the right-hand column at the top. I can see if I can add a link to the page here:

I can make this a pledge drive, should be simple. I hereby pledge to keep writing alarmist warnings about Donald Trump, and I also pledge to write about crazy political events here in Florida, and just for pure enjoyment I also pledge to post the occasional link to Pinku-Sensei's bar drinks (although sober, I do understand my clientele needs a stiff drink every so... TRUMP JUST SAID WHAT NOW?)

If anyone can help a blogger out, please give this some thought. Thank you.

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