Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Liveblogging Tonight's Florida Primary Results August 2016 Edition

So here goes, with the polls closing at 7:00 PM and with the help of Baynews 9 I hope to track the resu...


It's not even 1 percent of the results in and it's looking like blowouts for Rubio on the GOP side and Murphy on the Dems. Still, we'll get a better idea of how the results should really play out by the halfway point.

Be right back.

update 7:40 PM: One thing to track is the state referendum on the solar panel tax exemption. Right now it's at 74 percent approval, which is good going this early on. The rule of state amendments is that it has to clear a supermajority of 60 percent, at this rate it should be passing easy peasy.

update 8:40 PM: Here it is one hour later and the Baynews 9 people are kinda calling it. There's at least 73 percent of the precincts in and the candidates in the lead are pretty much mathematically confirmed.

That means for the US Senate race the Republican candidate is Marco "No-Show" Rubio (the hell, Republicans, his lack of attendance would get him kicked out of real jobs) and the Democratic candidate is Pat "Oh No The BernieBros Are Gonna Think He's Too Centrist" Murphy.

The news site isn't calling the state amendment just yet, but it's been holding steady at 73 percent Approval: outside of a late rush of No votes, this should make the 60 percent cutoff...

update 10:00 PM: Baynews had overlooked the voter tally for the Libertarian Senate primary race until now. Having just a couple thousand people voting in it makes it a little... underwhelming. If there's anything to say about it, Stanton is winning it with 2000 or so votes to Invictus at 1000 votes. It's pretty much all done except for the tears. The good news, none of the official candidates running for the Senate seat are known threats to goats at a local or global level, so we're cool. We're good.

The Congressional and state election races are too numerous to go into detail for now. There may be an upset or two worth talking about, but I can follow that tomorrow. I'm gonna call it a night.

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