Wednesday, January 18, 2017

I Hope To GOD

We're days away.

I hope to GOD our Joint Chiefs have come up with a plan to keep Trump from unilaterally opening the nuclear football briefcase and launching missiles at anybody else on a whim.

I hope to GOD that the Republicans in Congress are finally waking up to the fact that any effort to kill Obamacare would hurt too many Americans and that their crazed rhetoric and obsession to mark Obama as a failed President doesn't work anymore.

I hope to GOD Trump goes through with his planned vacation RIGHT AFTER HE SWEARS IN TO THE OFFICE, and gets so lost getting to some obscure place where he thinks he has a golf course that he never comes back.

I hope to GOD that every candidate for Cabinet posts are so incapable of impressing even Republican Senators during their hearings that every single one of them - sorry Mattis, including you - actually lose the floor votes.

I hope to GOD Betsy DeVos is forced to teach at a school that has a bear for a mascot.

I hope to GOD the number of people who show up for Trump Inaugural is less than the number of people who show up for a Tampa Bay Rays game (sorry guys, but honestly turnout at the Trop really sucks if it's not a BoSox or Yankees visit).

I hope to GOD the ongoing investigations into Trump's deals with Russia - including the recent bombshell that our intel agencies are investigating covert cash funding! - leads to serious arrests. This is insane: we've got evidence already that a foreign nation meddled in our elections, and if there's been any actual money changing hands... that is WORKING WITH that foreign power, that has got to fall under the definition of TREASON...

I hope to GOD we survive this.


dinthebeast said...

I hope that Betsy's brother Erik trips on the rock he's trying to slither out from other and so utterly fails to influence Trump's foreign policy...

-Doug in Oakland

Ahab said...

You and me both! The impending Trump presidency, and all the people who will populate his administration, fill me with dread.