Monday, January 09, 2017

It's 2017 And I Need New Blogging Victims for My Links

Exactly what it says on the title!

Check out my Links page - tag above or click here - and see whom I've already sacrificed on the Altar of Doom. Post a comment here or email me about what other blogs I can add to the lists.

Criteria should be:

1) Blog Language should be Galactic Basic standard (i.e. Hollywood English)

2) Political leanings should be Center-Left. That is, anything to the Left of National Review (I know, that's gonna be a broad range). Pretty much anything morally and spiritually opposed to Donald Trump and the goddamn greedhead wingnuts that have taken over the Republican Party.

2a) Or... Anything that leans towards a rational, pragmatic world-view with kitty/puppy videos.

3) Blog must be originally written stuff, no cloning/copying of other people's works. They can quote other works (and provide citation), but no reposting of entire stuff, just snippets or points of argument that stand out.

4) Geekery - a love of comic books, science fiction / fantasy, Monty Python, and 80s rock music will help.

5) NO RANDIAN OBJECTIVISTS. We're all PATRIOTIC Adam Smith Regulatory Capitalists with a side of Pragmatism and of a Utilitarian mindset here.

Get to it.

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