Sunday, January 01, 2017

Other New Year's Resolutions

Things to focus on for 2017:

Getting a fiction novel finished - finally - for physical print.

Getting this damn weight down - 300 lbs - down to something more respectable - somewhere in the 270s range - so I might actually look more human.

Getting some damn social skills to, you know, get a life.

Saving up money for a trip to this year's ALA annual conference in Chicago.

Surviving the oncoming train wreck of the Trump regime.

The way things are going, I think the weight loss resolution is the most likely. /sigh

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Denny from Ohio said...

Hello Paul,

I've been active my entire life but was looking for a boost in my fitness regimen so I took up kettle bell training after reading a couple of books by Dan John, an age group peer who is also a strength coach. I started in late June with two-handed KB swings and at the beginning of December I had gone from 257 lbs to 237 lbs, my guess is that it was virtually all fat. I had to buy new belts. The neat thing is that kettle bell workouts do not take a lot of time. I have a strength coaching background so I taught myself and made several mistakes along the way until getting my swings dialed-in. My suspicion is that you likely have someone in your area that has KB certification and can coach you. which I recommend. Dietary changes on my part were minimal. I can only imagine what will happen when I fully commit to cleaning up my eating habits a bit more.