Thursday, May 04, 2017

A Dark Night Full of Republicans Drunk On Their Hate

I noted earlier, the modern Republican Party is so hate-driven, so obsessed with its Utopia tax-cut world, that they would keep coming after Obamacare because they can't think any other way.

Because Republicans hate Obama this much, they voted to kill off your health care coverage. They did it with a bill so screwed up that they didn't even have the language for it ready for people to read it. They rushed it to the floor without the Congressional Budget Office grading it. They just wanted to crow that they had "their victory" killing off Obamacare.

And then the motherfuckers celebrated with a beer.

I am not joking.
Despite all the phone calls, despite all the angry town halls of people terrified of losing their coverage, despite all the polls saying how Americans were realizing just what Obama's Health Care plan meant... these Republicans are a bunch of sadists.

They don't deserve your votes. They never did.

Do you see why I kept screaming the last ten years "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON'T VOTE REPUBLICAN?" This is why.

To every Democrat, get candidates in EVERY Congressional district NOW. Start campaigning. Make this the issue. Hit the Republicans every fucking day on this until 2018 and beyond.

To every Independent voter, this is your wake-up call. There is only one side of this fight that is fighting for the people to survive. Start supporting Democrats across the board, dammit.

To every registered Republican about to lose their family's Medicaid funding, to every registered Republican about to find out your hospital visit for a bum knee twenty years ago counts as a pre-existing condition disqualifying you for any help, to every registered Republican who voted for these liars and hypocrites and evildoers who cut your health care just so their billionaire buddies can keep a million more in their pockets... You deserve every hellish health-care moment that awaits you.

To the worthless cowardly Tuesday Group, you so-called moderates showed no power or willingness to stand up against a terrible health care bill. No wonder the Far Right wingnuts bully their way into party leadership roles.

And to the goddamn Republican Congresscritters getting drunk while the rest of us die, I hope to GOD YOU ALL GET CIRRHOSIS OF THE LIVER.

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dinthebeast said...

Now we have to beat them with it, keep beating them with it, and don’t stop beating them with it until we have done to them what they did to us in 2010 with the ACA. We have an advantage they didn’t: we are not lying. I really hope that still matters a little.

-Doug in Oakland