Sunday, August 13, 2017

Blood on the Streets of Charlottesville

So. Charlottesville.

Read through this link to Balloon Juice.

Watch this:

We were supposed to get better at this.

We were supposed to answer to the better angels of our nature.

We were supposed to fight Nazis, and the Klan, and hate.

Instead they flourish in a right-wing stew of fear-mongering and anger.

Instead the worst of us sit in the White House, in Congress, at high seats of power, using that fear and anger to propagate their own and deny everyone else our citizenry and humanity.

These Nazis, Klansmen and White Supremacists marching through Charlottesville this past weekend were ostensibly there to protest the removal of Confederate statues and memorials, claiming right of "heritage". But they were really there to incite mobs to acts of violence. And they got what they wanted.

Look at their turnout. Mostly male, entirely white, carrying guns and wearing body armor, spoiling for a fight.

And now people are dead. The ones who came out in greater numbers to stand against the Nazis and haters were attacked, beaten, and killed.

Heather Heyer died when one of the White Supremacists drove his car - he sped up for impact - into the street march rallying against his side. Remember Heather's name. Consign that murdering driver to the forgotten hellhole he deserves.

This isn't hard, Republicans. This isn't a case of "Both Sides". One side is violent, angry, ill-informed, and dangerous, beholden to failed ideologies of slavery and genocide like the Confederacy and Nazi Germany. The other side are Americans of all colors and faiths working to build America and keep it strong.

We need to turn back to our better angels. We need to cut off the oxygen to the Far Right racist radicals seeking to tear America down.

We need our United States of America back.


Denny from Ohio said...

Maumee is 45 minutes away from me, if that. Not necessarily a big deal since hate is everywhere, but the notion that his hate was so deeply rooted that it was important to be in Virginia to express it brings it all much closer. What is sobering to me are the number of people in close proximity that harbor the same mentality. trump is the face of how deep is our descent. That it took the elevation of such a person to the highest office in the land reflects poorly on our collective resolve. While we decry Congress (17% approval) we still send them back to office. That's lazy. But send Obama to office, a man with no control over the color of his skin? Well, that was a bridge too far for the enlightened right. People all over the globe struggle to get enough to eat, fear disease outbreak, etc, but we concern ourselves with those blacks, Muslims and Mexicans. Immigrants taking our jobs? Ask why the middle-class has floundered since Ronnie and get back to me.

dinthebeast said...

Nazis. These people are standing up for Nazis. What has to be happening in someone's mind for them to stand up for Nazis in 2017? It's not like they don't know they're Nazis, they flew the swastika flag and chanted "blood and soil".
And right on cue, they tried to blame it on liberals.
The party of personal responsibility ain't having any on this subject. It's not complicated or difficult; you either support Nazis or you don't.
And in the cheerleading for the Nazis, people got killed. Fancy that.
Then there were the mobs of Nazis who beat protesters and clergy with clubs and brass knuckles.
OK, right wingers, you fucking own this.
Now it's our turn to step up and make this the Kent State of our time, before the story blows over and they do it again.

-Doug in Oakland