Thursday, January 11, 2018

That trump Is Racist Should Not Surprise Us Anymore. IT SHOULD ANGER US NOW.


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Donald Trump on Thursday questioned why the United States would want to have immigrants from Haiti and African nations, referring to some as “shithole countries,” according to two sources familiar with the comments...

To the 62 million who voted for trump. You knew.

...The lawmakers were describing how certain immigration programs operate, including one to give safe haven in the United States to people from countries suffering from natural disasters or civil strife.
One of the sources who was briefed on the conversation said that Trump said, “Why do we want all these people from Africa here? They’re shithole countries ... We should have more people from Norway.”
The second source familiar with the conversation, said Trump also questioned the need for Haitians in the United States...

As a side note, most Norwegians are Socialists, far Left of any home-grown librul you find here. And I'm pretty sure Norwegians are going to be appalled that trump is abusing their culture like this. But I digress.

Many Democrats and some Republican lawmakers slammed Trump for his remarks.
Republican U.S. Representative Mia Love, a daughter of Haitian immigrants, said the comments were “unkind, divisive, elitist, and fly in the face of our nation’s values” and called on Trump to apologize to the American people and to the countries he denigrated...

That's the thing about racism when it becomes personal for you, isn't it, Republicans? Otherwise you're fine with it.


How many other times have I pointed out on this blog how racist trump behaves on the national stage? How often does trump come to the defense of Neo-Nazis and known bigots? How many times does he get caught disparaging entire nations because of their skin color or religion or culture?

To quote Tom Levenson at Balloon Juice:

And now this:  Trump, uttering out loud the hate soundtrack that loops constantly through his lizard brain.  This time, he was so obvious as to make it clear even to the meanest comprehension (not implying anything about CNN).  There’s no hidden meaning, no subtext in his words.  This ain’t eleven dimensional chess or brilliant electoral strategery.  January 11, 2018 ain’t the day that Donald Trump became President.
It’s the one on which he reminded us exactly what kind of president he is, what kind of leader the GOP accepts, welcomes, follows.
And thus the test: every single GOP member of Congress, every cabinet official, every White House staffer who fails to condemn this statement, owns it — along with all the sentiments and intentions behind it. They become the bigots, aiders and abettors of the worst impulses in the public sphere. They are to be named and shamed; small children should grimace to see them and each of us will spit on the sidewalks as they pass...

62 Million fellow Americans had no problem with trump's racism when they voted for him. YOU OWN THIS, Republicans. YOU trump VOTERS OWN THIS FOREVER.

Some things remain unforgivable. Supporting racism is one of them.

Damn you.

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dinthebeast said...

I'm gonna just repost what I wrote last night about this, as I'm getting sort of sick of writing about it:

Why don't we have more immigration from Norway (or as Fergus spells it "Normay")?

"The Scandinavian social democracy, as its two linguistically similar neighbors do, has a higher per-capita GDP, life expectancy and, for what it’s worth, “happiness” rating than the United States. It also has universal healthcare, a ridiculously large sovereign wealth fund and top-notch infrastructure."

Also, they are not embarrassed and humiliated on a daily basis by the imbecilic behavior of their leader in public.

So, Fergus? At least try to answer your own questions before you blurt them out. They say you hate looking stupid in front of people, and that does it every damn time.

Also, and this almost goes without saying, fuck all y'all for voting for this second rate con man. Your day is coming. Republicans are dropping like America's standing in the age of Trump, and we will have the congress back soon, like in 2006 only without having to wait through a second term.

Some believe that Fergus will be removed before 2020, but I don't think he will. The gerrymander will make certain that we don't have two thirds of the house even if we retake the majority, and the numbers just aren't there for such a massive gain in the senate, again, even if we retake the majority. And all of you 25th amendment fans may want to actually, you know, read it, because it requires two thirds of both houses, not just the senate, like impeachment does.

So he'll get his time and do his damage, the repair of which will take up a sizeable fraction of the incoming Democratic president's first two years when he or she will have the most favorable congress, just like last time. But repair it we will, and make some more incremental progress toward making this country some place where those Norwegians might actually want to go.

And the growing backlash to that damage will team up with the constantly changing demographics and boot the Republicans back to the minority, where they like it better anyway, and give us a chance to redo the way campaigns are financed, so as to put an end to this bullshit for a long, long time.

-Doug in Oakland