Monday, July 28, 2008

Holy crap! I just got polled!

Just finished a call from Quinnapiac University, the home of football's Fighting Pollsters!

They were polling on the upcoming Presidential election:

1) Who I was voting for: Barack or McCain
2) My favorable/unfavorable opinions of both Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain. I refused to answer those questions because a) I'm not voting for First Lady and b) I'm not voting for First Lady. I'm voting for who's going to be sitting in the Oval Office making THE BIG DECISIONS. If my whole vote came down to who would be First Lady, I should not be allowed to vote on account of being Teh Stupid. Sheesh.
3) What I felt was the key issue to vote for: Iraq, Health Care, Energy policy, Economy, Rising Gas Prices, and which was the better Big Message movie, Wall-E or Dark Knight.
4) What my positions on energy policy were.
5) If I had cute cats. I answered 2. :)

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