Saturday, August 23, 2008

So Obama chooses... Biden

Hmph. Paint me underwhelmed.

I'd mentioned earlier that while Biden has a solid resume he was/is about as personally flat as drywall. In terms of political quality/experience, he fits the Veep requirement of being capable of taking over the Oval Office. I guess that being 'flat as drywall' things means Biden is not a distraction to Obama's own charismatic skills, another trait you want in a Veep. Biden definitely fits the regional need (Atlantic/Northeast coast to Obama's Illinois/Lakes).

It's just that, compared to other possibilities like Sebelius, Biden seems too... safe. Too 'ehh' or 'blah'. Not a bad pick, but not an OH WOW pick.

Now to see who McCain goes w... Romney?! What did I just tell you?!?!

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