Thursday, January 20, 2011

Because No One Demanded It... A Revised Lost Battalion Logo

Never heard back from Ta-Nehisi if he was gonna use the logo I crafted to start his own t-shirt line (damn Sully, stealing my ideas!), so out of boredom I went and carved out a variation on the logo.

I changed the fonts around, using Stencil as the primary font and BattleLines for the secondary font.

So who wants this on a t-shirt!

EDIT (1/21): So far I got one vote for, one vote against.  The against vote objects to the use of military imagery for what is supposed to be a platonic group.  So... I need an image of book readers charging against the defenses at Balaclava?

EDIT PART TWO: Okay.  I got the Cafe Press store up.  I have no idea if it will work until people attempt to waste their money on it.  Address is


TheRaven said...

I'm in (XL)

Paul Wartenberg said...

Working on the Cafe Press shop as I type this. Trying to get the damn thing to line up properly on the mini-buttons... gaaaaahhh!

As for the logo. There's been a final tally of sorts with 5 likes and 1 hoping for a different logo. So we'll go for this logo for now, see if I get sued or not...