Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Schadenfreude Florida Edition Pt. 19 - The Hypocrite's Lament

What can you say about a Republican Congresscritter who voted eagerly to have food stamp recipients be tested for illegal drugs... getting caught buying illegal drugs?

Pretty much this: BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Republican U.S. Rep. Trey Radel of Fort Myers is due to be arraigned Wednesday morning on cocaine possession charges.
A Washington, D.C., court document says that on Oct. 29, Radel "did unlawfully, knowingly, and intentionally possess a quantity of cocaine, a controlled substance."
The misdemeanor drug charge carries a maximum sentence of 180 days in jail and or a fine of $1,000.
Radel is one of those high-and-mighty judgmental creatures you get in the Republican Party.  The ones who express the viewpoint that everyone in poverty only have themselves to blame... that the poor are all "takers", living off the "makers"... that a lot of the poor and minorities are running around lazy and drunk and high on drugs.  These are the ones who want to make unemployment benefits recipients be tested for drugs, despite the lack of evidence that drug abuse was rampant or a cause of their unemployment: Radel recently voted on having food stamp recipients be tested.

The hypocrisy reeks.

The Republicans are so eager to punish the impoverished and hungry, while the rich and powerful like themselves try to get away with breaking the very laws they're using to punish everyone else.

Radel isn't showing any sign of resigning or stepping aside for 2014, and he's trying to blow this off on his alcoholism driving him to make "bad decisions."  But it's not alcoholism that makes you buy drugs, boss: it's the DRUGS you're buying that make you buy that drug.  Which begs the question how long has he been buying cocaine?  And it also begs the question how many other decisions under the influence he's been doing if alcoholism affects him this way?

And to everyone thinking that food stamp recipients deserve to get drug tested... F-CK YOU.  The net results of the states enforcing those tests have found a LOWER percentage of drug users applying for benefits than the national average.  It's not an epidemic problem among the people desperate for financial assistance.

End this damn hypocrisy.  We're better off drug testing elected officials than food stamps recipients.

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