Thursday, November 14, 2013

And The Fandom Rejoiced: The Night Of The Doctor


As the lead-up to the 50th anniversary to the start of the long-running science-fiction show, the producers have seen fit to give us some closure regarding the dreaded backstory of the Last Great Time War.  A war between the Time Lords and Daleks at the height of their respective empires that reportedly shattered much of space-time.

This mini-episode is about seven minutes long but packs a season's worth of details into it (The following CONTAINS SPOILERS STOP READING IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED THE EPISODE YET):

  • The Time War itself has become so massive that nearly every race has been dragged into it whether they wanted to or not.
  • The War began during the lifespan of the Eighth Doctor, but he himself refused to participate in it and tries to help people flee from it.
  • Other races are so horrified or disgusted by what was/is/will be happening that the ship's captain Cass flat out refuses the Doctor's help.
  • The other elder races of the universe - the Sisterhood of Carn for example - are well aware of what's happening.  From earlier tellings we already know most of those races had fled the known universe altogether.
  • EDIT: Has been noted elsewhere that The Eighth Doctor mentions all of his companions from the Big Finish audio series - the thing that kept Doctor Who popular between the 1989 cancellation, 1996 movie, and 2005 rebirth.  The Big Finish series is in fact still ongoing and very popular with the fans, and there's been a question if those stories would be accepted as canon.  YES THEY ARE...
  • The Eighth Doctor himself is offered a handful of choices as he faces his own death in four minutes' time: accept his death and let the Time War destroy everything; regenerate and use his skill as The Doctor to save whatever he can before the Time War destroys everything... or become a Warrior and end the war by any means possible.  As he considers the rejection he endured by Cass' rage towards him, The Eighth Doctor makes his choice...
  • Oh, and one more thing: McGann would have F-CKING ROCKED AS THE EIGHTH DOCTOR.

Damn you, Fox Channel.  You really screwed the pooch with that 1996 movie.

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