Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Honest Bumper Stickers 2016 Part IV: The Trumpening

As things stand at the moment, here's the fourth official round-up of bumper stickers I'd dream up for the 2016 Presidential candidates.

With The Trumpster the dominant candidate - and by God it is scary to see how Trump is dominating the GOP primary polls- of the hour - with his ongoing rage fest towards Mexicans, Chinese, Hillary, women, poor people, sane people, and anyone not named Donald Trump - I feel it is best to start off with a series of Trump-related bumper stickers to share and enjoy.  Okay, maybe not "enjoy"...

...and Harold Stassen is DEAD...
There.  Now let's see if I can get some more bumper stickers made for the other candidates.

And because I can't resist:

Just remember, kids, the August first round debate is just a month away.


dinthebeast said...

Yeah, I saw something about Jeb! saying that Americans should work longer hours, and, as someone who suffered a stroke while working a long string of 12 and 13 hour days, I cheerfully suggested that he go! fuck! himself!

-Doug in Oakland

Paul Wartenberg said...

Whoa, sorry about the stroke, hope you're doing alright.

dinthebeast said...

Thank you. The stroke was in 2008, and I am doing much better now.

-Doug in Oakland