Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The War On Saturnalia 2015: A Call To Defend (w/ Update)

Rise up, my fellow Unitarians and high school Latin students! There is a WAR ON SATURNALIA AND I CAN PROVE IT.

You never see Bill O'Reilly get mulsum as a holiday present, do you?! SHAME! Shame, America! WE CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS.

Confronted with this proof, we should file a protest with the Civil Rights office in DC and get Obama himself to sign off having Saturnalia listed as a national holiday. I'm sure the Republican Party won't object.

On personal notes:

This is the 197th blog post this year, the most so far. I can make it an easy 200 to round it out, so I don't want to over-blog if I want to top the year off there. Thing is, I shouldn't be that OCD about it.

My latest ebook Body Armor Blues was ranked 140th on the Amazon sales list for the Superheroes category... for about 23 minutes. I checked on the sales report for that day. I had two buyers. So if I can get five more by this weekend, I might rocket up to Top Ten.

On political notes:

Dear media elites: Stop trying to make Rubio happen. He's not going to happen.

If I had to, given a particular parlor game, make a choice between Trump, Cruz or Carson for the Presidency, I would choose the parachute for jumping out that particular airplane, Bob.

Ranking the candidates for the Republican nomination is a horrifying prospect: I'd personally put too many of them tied for 16th... out of a race that's been whittled down to 14 12 11 maybe. I kind of agree with how John Scalzi has his list of "terrible to troubling," but I just can't consider even the possibility of having to choose a Republican in 2016.

On comics notes:

Ta-Nehisi Coates is getting totally pumped over his Black Panther series starting up next year. Dude, he's getting Alex Ross to do alternate covers! Dude! I envy him.

And for Saturnalia, here I pray to the Lord of Saturning for my annual wish list of hope, and love, and presents. Ohmmmmmm... Ohhhhhmmmmmmm...

(Update) Well, there's one Saturnalia wish that's come true so far:

The FBI arrested the douchenozzle Pharma CEO who keeps raising the prices of life-saving HIV and cancer medications on security fraud charges. Granted, these are charges stemming from Martin Shkreli's previous hedge fund company: Considering how unrepentant and greedy Shkreli keeps acting in public, he deserves every karmic punishment that the universe can deliver unto him.



dinthebeast said...

Sorry for the lack of comments lately, but I haven't had much internet access. Hopefully that will change very soon.
Andy Borowitz has a delightful take on Shkreli...

-Doug in Oakland

Pinku-Sensei said...

"Stop trying to make Rubio happen. He's not going to happen."

I'm going to be a good environmentalist and recycle what I wrote in response to your comment on my blog today.

"Honestly, I think Rubio is eight years too early. I told a student a couple of months ago that I thought 2024 would be a Booker-Rubio match-up. That could still happen, although I might substitute Julian Castro or Gavin Newsome for Corey Booker.

As for this time around, Rubio needs both Trump and Cruz to collapse and the establishment to stage a coup. Republicans don't have superdelegates per se the way Democrats do, but they have the equivalent and they could tip Rubio or one of the other establishment candidates over the top in a close or brokered convention."