Saturday, January 02, 2016

How 2016 Is Gonna Be a Weight On The Soul

Charles Pierce at Esquire pretty much sums up in one sentence how this year is gonna roll, son:

For the very first time that I can remember, I am completely revolted by the prospect of covering a presidential campaign.

I feel ya.

There is going to be a lot of storm and fury signifying nothing but desperately stirring up voter anger as though that is the only motivator for people to vote. The emotional relevance of voting has overwhelmed common sense and common decency. We're going to hear and see a lot of offensive ads and tweets and spam mails from a lot of Active-Negative types campaigning for the Presidency... on BOTH sides of the ballot (I've made my evaluations of the Republicans - Nixonian A-Ns - and Hillary Clinton - LBJ style A-N - already).

The only way this ends well is with massive voter turnout, which draws in a lot of moderate voters who can affect the down-ballot votes in Senate and House (and State lege) campaigns. So even with the noise of hell and horror buzzing in our ears, we Americans need to remind ourselves that, and get the damn vote out, okay people?

There's more to be said today on other issues. Stay tuned.

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