Friday, January 15, 2016

Need to Think Up a Book Title for Writing a Pro-Obama Reminiscing

I was thinking of calling it "Snark in the Age of Obama" but some anti-Obama jerk already used it for a Smashwords epub. Please don't go looking for it.

If I use my Shoelace Hypothesis/Theory in the title, people will think I'm the one criticizing Obama's method of tying his own shoes. Also, if I did that I'd need to get a photo shoot of Obama tying his shoes in a manly fashion.

Book titles need to be reasonably unique. You wanna know how many books use the title No Way Out? We're talking thousands involving different authors. It's a bit of a gag that Fifty Shades of Grey clashes with another book discussing interior design colors. There's a reason why I made my self-published short story collection titled Last of the Grapefruit Wars (although I pay for that sin by making people think it's a book about fresh fruit, and I should have put the word "Battle" behind "Last" so people could figure that bit out as well). I lucked out with my superhero novella getting the title Body Armor Blues because few books - haven't found any yet, really - went with that.

I can make the SUBTITLE something like "Witness To The Good Times, the Crazy Times, and Proving the Obama Shoelace Theory" but the banner title, the eye-catcher, has to be something else: short and sweet and to the point.

So I gotta think of something else.

Hmm, trying to find words best associated to Obama's character (remember, he's Active-Positive), so anything along the lines of "confident," "competent," "driven," "game-player," and related thesauri results.

The Upbeat Era
The Long Game of Obama
Press On (comes from a quote)
? Any suggestions...


Jado said...

Competence in the Age of Telepromter Criticism

Paul Wartenberg said...

Jado, thanks for the suggestion, but it's a bit wordy, and doesn't necessarily point to a review of the Obama years. It reads like an academic dissertation for a journalism doctorate.