Wednesday, March 30, 2016

At Some Moment The GOP Leadership Thought To Themselves "What Could Possibly Go Wrong?"

I remembered earlier today that I had once started a Republican Dead Pool for the Presidential candidates, and that I had pretty much blown it. I mean, here's a copy of that list:

Perry (September 11)
Walker (September 21)
Gilmore (February 12)
Santorum (February 3)
Pataki (December 29)
Paul (February 3)
Graham (December 21)
Christie (February 10)
Fiorina (February 10)
Jindal (November 17)
Carson (March 4)
Huckabee (February 1)
Rubio (March 15)
Bush (February 21)

And I am really slightly disappointed that Zombie Jeb! didn't keep things interesting by limping along in a massive shambling heap of denial.

I was reminded again when I saw this on Twitter:

Lol remember how the Republicans have this deep, formidable bench this cycle hahahahahhahaha


Infidel753 said...

The 17 candidates were only half the problem. The other half was 17 million rabid Morlocks voting in the primaries.

Cultivating rage and stupidity in the base works for a while, but eventually you end up with the enraged stupid people taking over.

Paul Wartenberg said...

The point I'm making is the intellectual disconnect that the GOP leadership has fallen into, that their epistemic closure has deluded themselves to the point where they can't see 1) their idea of "quality" candidates could not compete in a world where their voting base prefers The Asshole, and 2) even with such a crowded field, none of them could honestly argue the merits of a Republican platform that had devolved into outright ridicule and hypocrisy.

Granted, I may need to delve deeper into point 2), but the thing is none of those jokers to the right of us could a) successfully impress their own base about their tax-cuts plans to achieve greater support even among the Establishment voters, b) successfully argue a vision for the future that could impress anyone, and c) show any semblance of even lying well about that agenda to avoid public disdain and mockery.