Sunday, March 20, 2016

Poll: Coming Up With an Appropriate Derogatory Nickname For Trumpaphiles...

So I'm in a bit of disagreement with Infidel753 about what to nickname Trump Supporters. So I went and created a Survey so we can make this an open and shared decision among the seven readers of this blog.

Create your own user feedback survey

Please scroll through.

I'm not sure if this survey has a timer to it, but the sooner you put in your responses the quicker we'll get to sorting this all out.

Thank ye.



Anonymous said...

The poll isn't showing.

Paul W said...

Hurm, need to work on it, thanks.

Paul W said...

Clarissasblog: I am getting responses to the poll so I think it's working. What I did do was lengthen the poll to where you can see at least the first question so you can see the scroll-down for the rest of the poll (there's 4 questions).

If you're still having problems, let me know.

Infidel753 said...

They're all good.....and the Constitution in its infinite wisdom guarantees every American the fundamental freedom to call Trump supporters any name(s) that he or she chooses!

dinthebeast said...

I suggested "TrumPeters" because of the way they are being such dicks about it.

-Doug in Oakland

Paul W said...

Thanks to all early contributors at the moment.

And so far it looks like I need more diversity in my readership. I'm not getting any Greens polling.

Paul W said...

I need more polling results. I MUST HAVE NUMBERS.

I should see about posting said results in about a week or two.