Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Super Tuesday 2016, As Midnight Nears

Keeping up with the politics from the noisy side of the hotel overlooking Highway A1A (hello, Florida Library Association conference!), I'm seeing the results pour in from the big bag of Primaries known as Super Tuesday, and am drawing certain conclusions:

Why did they have to have Biker Week the same week as Librarian Week in Daytona?


I hate it when the news channels immediately call a state for a candidate when barely ONE PERCENT of the votes are counted. Dammit, people, at least give us the illusion that the state's elections supervisors are doing their damn jobs before you go slamming around proclaiming a winner. I don't care how good the polling science is - and it usually isn't - you ought to wait an hour or something. I mean, sheesh!

Trump is inching higher in the percentages for the states he's won/is winning, which means that at least within the party ranks itself his Unfavorable numbers cannot cap the Big Mo that happens when the still-undecided or uncaring voters just side with the candidate in the lead. Getting around 49 percent in Massachusetts is scary-looking, even with people telling me that the overall Republican presence in that state is weak.

For my birth state of Georgia, DAMMIT GEORGIA YOU HAD ONE JOB and that was to sane relatively sane and sensible amid a sea of Deep South craziness. Now here you are giving Trump a huge blowout lead and there's no way this boy from Albany GA is going to explain or excuse away this BS. What you doing to a poor boy like me?

Rubio can conceivably win Minnesota tonight. In which case the Establishment wing of the Republican Party will declare victory and end the entire primary season before Trump or Cruz win more states.

For Cruz to win Texas is kind of a given, as that is his home state and that among the non-Trump candidates Cruz was likeliest to remain popular within the party ranks back home (Rubio and Kasich are having problems). The surprising thing is Cruz's performance in Oklahoma, which gets him a third state win and some more delegates, and the likelier chances of making Trump's nomination win harder to reach. Will more of the Establishment backers side with Cruz over Rubio? ...Nah, messing with ya. Cruz is THAT unpopular in the elite circles.

On the Democratic side of things, Hillary as expected is cleaning up most of the states and by significant numbers. Oklahoma is breaking for Sanders, which is surprising, and was an easy win in Vermont his home state. Massachusetts is currently too close to call, but if Hillary clinches what was expected to be a Sanders state might be a huge blow to the Socialist Senator's campaign.

Just remember, this is all good for Marco Rubio, who in his THIRD PLACE position among Republican delegates is clearly going to be the next President of the United States. Which will be a historic win as nobody ever won the White House from THIRD PLACE in his Primary cycle before. Kind of makes the entire general election cycle from August to November anti-climatic, you think?

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