Saturday, July 30, 2016


That's Latin for "to explain". To wit:

This election cycle for the President of the United States is a simple choice: Between a Republican candidate who has absolutely no experience with running any public office (and if the reports from Kasich's people are right, has no interest in actually doing his job in office), who insults and bullies others, who calls on and aligns himself with foreign dictator-controlled nations at odds with the United States to interfere with our democracy, who has only ever shown self-interest and greed; Or a Democratic candidate who has experience running for public office and performing her duties, who makes the effort to build coalitions within her own party (despite all the BernieBro rage, Sanders was able to deal with Hillary and get things done), who speaks of supporting our allies in our national interest, who has more often than not shown grace in the face of harsh and vocal hatred of her.

We have a simple choice between Ignorance (Trump) and Competence (Hillary).

We have a simple choice between racism and hatred (Trump vs. Mexicans, Trump vs. Muslims, Trump vs. Blacks, Trump vs. Women, Trump vs. Asians, Trump vs. Gays, Trump vs. Transgender) and a woman candidate breaking the ultimate glass ceiling with a diverse coalition of every ethnicity and gender.

We have a choice that ought to transcend the partisan divide between Republican and Democrat. How many honest Republicans are there looking out at EVERYTHING Trump represents and recoiling in horror? How many have already resigned their places - some of them local and state officials - within the GOP?

To be fair, there are a sizable number of Democrats claiming to quit the party because they hate Hillary, but not at the scale and level of disgust the anti-Trump Republicans are at. And many of those anti-Hillary Democrats are calling their support to third-party choice with Green candidate Stein. Many of the anti-Trump officials are backing Clinton: They still hate Hillary, but they all seem to agree they can actually work with her, and they know what to expect because she actually respects them even from the other side of the political spectrum. They know they can't get that from Trump. The only thing Trump respects is himself.

To every registered voter out here in the United States. This is a serious election with everything at stake. Not just Obamacare or Obama's foreign policy deals with Iran and Cuba, not just our positive-growth economy still in need of reforms to ensure better wages and more jobs, not just our roads and schools and parks. This is a serious election between a Trump who does not respect the Constitution or the rule of law or an independent judiciary or the basic civil liberties of us all, and a Clinton who has served the public trust more for the common good than for ill.

Please, to every registered voter: Get the vote out for Hillary Clinton this November. Get the vote out for the Senate and House elections so that we can truly break the gridlock frustrating us all. Get the vote out for Democratic candidates at the state level. Get the vote out for the judicial elections in your area. Get the vote out for your state referendums and amendments (ooh, remind me I gotta post a Florida referendum review ASAP).

In the immortal words of the boss: Don't Boo. Vote.

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Ahab said...

I fear that a Trump presidency would result in even more damage than George W. Bush's presidency. I never thought that could even be possible, but now I do.