Friday, July 29, 2016

Personal Observation About Stats This Past Week

Just saying, but during this past week of the Democratic nominating convention, I had one blog article shoot up the charts on views:

RIP Republican Party 1856-2015.

edit: this is nothing like the weird Russia-driven traffic that I and others have been getting the past few days, where the overall views jumped up like a Laffer Curve looking for the proper tax rate of 58 percent on upper incomes. I'm getting direct page hits for "RIP Republican Party" boom and boom. For an article that's almost a year old, this is getting up there with my classic Woodstock Port-O-San Guy article (P.S. Mr. Taggart PLEASE email me!).

Funny thing is, I wasn't advertising it, pushing it on Twitter or Facebook or anything. Just, of its own accord, people have been searching for articles about the death of the Republican Party, and my article has been getting the search results.

This traffic uptick started this past Wednesday, on the third night of the DNC speeches, when Biden and Panetta and Kaine and Bloomberg and OBAMA all came out and nuked Trump from orbit.

The other bloggers I follow - Rude Pundit and Driftglass and Balloon Juice in particular - are all pointing out how the Democrats presented a positive patriotic platform that the Republicans woefully failed to do last week. The differences are stark, and even the conservative punditry is freaking out over it.

It shouldn't be surprising that right about now, people are wondering just what the hell is wrong with the Republican Party as it has (and continues to) fallen apart.

So, thank you readers. Thank you for visiting this humble site.

Now if I can get the traffic to pick up on my political rants book I'm shilling over here on the right column of this blog! --------->

C'mon folks, let's see if we can get this baby on the Non-Fiction Bestsellers list!


dinthebeast said...

I've been reading stuff about how quasi-sane Republicans are saying that the Democrats have stolen all of their best political lines for their convention. And perhaps they have. I would submit, though, that the Democrats haven't stolen anything, they have instead taken up the actual work of governing that used to be in the "conservative" purview. There's nothing conservative about the Republican party at this point, if you define conservative as conserving norms and traditions. That has been the job of the Democrats for years at this point. And that is not a good thing *he says, engaging in the very behavior he is complaining about* as our system is set up to work with two parties, both functional, who receive mandates in elections and compromise and share power on policy. That is, we actually need a functioning Republican party to do its job so we can get about the business of doing ours, instead of trying to do the whole thing ourselves in the face of lunacy and obstruction. But you already know all of that.

-Doug in Oakland

Pinku-Sensei said...

Ezra Klein has posted something similar about the contrast between the two parties: This election isn’t just Democrat vs. Republican. It’s normal vs. abnormal. No kidding.

As for calling the GOP "a shambling ghoul, with enough brain power to endlessly loop the same one-liner bursts of outrage but unable to perform more recognizable human traits such as empathy, adaptability, and long-range planning," I'd like to claim credit for describing it as undead three years before you.

As I tell my liberal friends who keep thinking that the GOP should be dead by now, the GOP as a traditional party engaged in electoral politics is already dead. What it is now, as described by "EscapefromWisconsin" over at the Hipcrime Vocab, is an authoritarian movement. That makes it an undead party in a democratic system. As Bela Lugosi's Dracula said in the eponymous movie, "There are far worse things awaiting Man than Death." Yeah, and one of them has happened to the GOP.

Time to stock up on mirrors, crosses, garlic, holy water, and wooden stakes.

Paul said...

Oh no. In my universe, vampires are vulnerable only to silver and sensory overload.

Denny from Ohio said...

So was the Michael Taggart that commented on the original post the real deal?

Paul said...

Denny, I dunno. The contact he left on the Comment takes me only to a Google Plus account that does not provide any further information. I've tried friending him through Google Plus but there's been no further action on his part.

I think he might be the real deal, and he's just a retiree who name-surfed his dad for some reason one day and left behind a flag without realizing he wasn't leaving any way to reply directly, and hasn't had reason to follow-up. I get a good number of people like that at the library.


Pinku-Sensei said...

"In my universe, vampires are vulnerable only to silver and sensory overload."

I had typed "and silver bullets for good measure" but then deleted it as overkill. I guess I should have left it. As for sensory overload, that's the nemesis of the genetically engineered vampires of Peter Watts' "Blindsight." Crosses fry their brains because of the way their visual cortex is wired.