Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Breaking Radio Silence (For Now)

Okay, so I taught the "How to E-Publish" class even with the unfinished novel, and left it in DRAFT mode since I didn't need to complete the upload process, so the ebook isn't really on the market (yet).

But I might as well finish the damn thing because I got a book cover for it.

One of the things I teach is the importance of having a book cover: it has to be eye-catching and it has to fit the format that the epublish site requires (pixel size and what-not). Creating your own cover is a fool's mission if you're not a professional graphic designer, so I demonstrated in class some of the ebook cover design sites that sell pre-formatted covers you can buy.

There is one site in particular called fiverr.com and it's an incredibly decent deal. Ranging as low as $5 a cover, you can order one up from a graphic designer - some of them able to do it within a DAY - and pre-order any number of revisions  - you'll need more than one to make sure you and the artist are in sync - and get a decent cover for an ebook well within your own personal deadline.

Throw in a $5 tip and I got a book cover for $17. Not shabby.

I ordered a cover from this person leahdesign and for anybody else needing book covers you can start with her.

Meantime, back to bl... WHAT THE F-CK DID TRUMP DO NOW?! /headdesk

Skittles me baby all night long.


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