Friday, September 02, 2016

Mama Wartenberg's Traditional Tasty Taco Truck

"If you don't do something about it, you're gonna have taco trucks on every corner!" - "Latinos for Trump" co-founder Marco Gutierrez on MSNBC 9/1/2016


"Everybody gets a taco truck!" - Oliver Willis

Just think of the economic benefits of having taco trucks on every corner! No, this is serious! Food truck service is actually a smart investment in the right markets!

Hell, give me the seed money right now! Lemme go start my own taco truck service!

And all I gotta do is use Mama Wartenberg's excellent Mexican-German recipes to serve up the BEST TACOS IN CENTRAL FLORIDA!

Take the finest taco tortilla shells made from pure Iowa corn.
Grill the pulled pork doused in peppers and the family chili sauce.
Layer it with lettuce onion tomato and the finest Cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses.
Topped with the purest sour cream shipped from the farms of Bavaria.

We can sell three tacos for $5.99 plus drink!

Who wants in on this franchise, baby!


P.S. be wary of any Trump Taco Trucks in your neighborhood. They won't serve the best tacos, not ever.


dinthebeast said...

A shout-out to my favorite taco truck in East Oakland, El Grullo!

-Doug in Oakland

Paul Wartenberg said...

Anybody know a Herbert's Taco Hut?

Ahab said...

Great. Now I'm hungry. I need some kimchi tacos!