Thursday, September 01, 2016

What To Expect This September 2016

If last night's #Trumpsterfire is any indication, the cray-cray isn't going to end this month. It's going to get worse.

I was hoping that by this time the Republican Senators will waver in their obstruction against Judge Garland's nomination to the vacant Supreme Court seat - its vacancy has become an ongoing embarrassment - but right now I'm not seeing that many Republicans pivoting from their now-finished primary races towards a more moderate General Election mode. Unless the polling quickly reflects a lot of independent voters rejecting incumbent GOP Senators over their refusal to do their jobs, there is every likelihood the Senate won't do anything until after the November election and the certainty of Trump's defeat.

And even then, if Hillary wins and the Senate remains Republican, there's every chance those damn buzzards will STILL refuse to fill that SCOTUS seat out of sheer spite.

So there goes my bet that Garland would be getting a hearing by now. Shame on me for getting my hopes up.

One thing to expect this September will be the uptick in television ads, although it's likely going to be one-sided: Hillary's campaign has been shoving money in a lot of places to get the attention, while Trump's campaign still seems underwhelming in the amounts they're spending. Although the Trump people claim they're raking in the cash, they don't seem to be using it for the usual things. Then again, Trump never needed to spend for ad space considering how much media coverage he obtains just by being a verbal jackass.

The first Presidential debate is set for September 26th. There's supposed to be a lot of prepping by the major candidates during this month. This is just another moment to promote how hilarious Alexandra Petri is, by the way.

I swore recently I wouldn't do any more debate drinking game rules. But for this one, should I change my mind and set the rules for how early and how often everybody should drink (hint: the second Trump opens his mouth, drink whole bottle and cry your tears into the empty container)? I wanna get some comments / votes below.

It's also the start of professional and collegiate football season. GO BUCS, please don't humiliate the Tampa Bay region... GO BULLS, let's win a conference for once. And GO GATORS, let's do what we can to save Leonardo's Pizza, damn it UF it's a NATIONAL TREASURE...


dinthebeast said...

I never really thought they'd confirm him until Hillary won and they faced the specter of a Hillary appointed nominee instead. I think that will be even more true if the senate changes hands in the election, as Garland will then be their obvious best option. Whether McConnell knew this would be the case all along is another question entirely.

-Doug in Oakland

Pinku-Sensei said...

I'm with Doug here. When you first floated the timing of confirming Garland, I replied that it wouldn't happen until the lame duck session. That still looks likely.