Sunday, March 15, 2020

Ides of March 2020: Good Things Coming Out of Italy (w/ Updates)

With all the craziness this year for the Ides of March, I didn't want to rehash the whole Roman Civil War thing or any other historical/Monty Pythonesque madness.

Instead, one of the things cropping up on social media is how Italy has been coping with the pandemic that has hit their nation real hard the past month. With most everything shut down, and people ordered to stay at their homes, what the neighborhoods and cities have done has been heartwarming. Just watch and listen:

Humanity at our best.

We love you, Italy. Stay healthy, and virtual hugs to your loved ones in need.

Update: Did I get this one?

Oh here's another!

I swear, it has something to do with having 2,000 years worth of balconies to your living spaces.

I want to know if the other countries have something similar. I know there's little news getting out from some of the hardest-hit like Iran, and stuff out of China I would question because of their censorship rules, but how are all the other nations coping?


dinthebeast said...

Hard times do offer an opportunity for character to shine through.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Paul W said...

I know you got health issues, Doug, so STAY SAFE!