Monday, April 03, 2017

You Got What You Voted For, America. Con Artists Among the Conservatives...

Part of my frustration over the current national crisis of incompetence, cronyism, and treason is how the media keeps treating the "trump Voter" with any sympathy or value.

No. No they shouldn't.

They keep covering the 62 million who voted for a well-documented bankrupt con artist all the while ignoring the 65 million who voted for a vetted US Senator and Secretary of State who had the misfortune of being an oversized bullseye target for a slime campaign that's lasted 25 years.

I'm getting sick of the skewed media coverage here.

And I'm not the only one (per Charles P. Pierce at Esquire):

A while back, I ran out of patience with the endless provision of cookies to the people who looked at the United States of America and decided that just what we needed was to have it run for a while by a Manhattan real-estate grifter and career public nuisance because he was going to bring jobs and money back to a bunch of states he very likely couldn't find on a map. But, in a continuing act of self-criticism that would do the Cultural Revolution proud, ever since the results rolled in last November, America's elite newspapers and news divisions have offered up linespace and airtime as a kind of penance to the "overlooked" and "forgotten" real Americans.
After the first several of these, I was on the verge of recommending that the people running the newspapers and news divisions simply stand themselves up in the town square of Bug Tussle and flog themselves for being educated as well as they are. The sub rosa tone of apology in most of these exercises was revolting.
Holy mother of god, I'm tired of reading quotes from people who live in places where the local economy went to hell or Mexico in 1979, and who have spent the intervening years swallowing whatever Jesus Juice was offered up by theocratic bunco artists of the Christocentric Right, and gulping down great flagons of barely disguised hatemongering against the targets of the day, all the while voting against their own best interests, now claiming that empowering Donald Trump as the man who will "shake things up" on their behalf was the only choice they had left. You had plenty of choices left.
In Kansas, you could have declined to re-elect Sam Brownback, who'd already turned your state into a dismal Randian basket case. In Wisconsin, you had three chances to turn out Scott Walker, and several chances to get the state legislature out of his clammy hands. And, now that the teeth of this new administration are becoming plain to see, it's a good time to remind all of you that you didn't have to hand the entire federal government over to Republican vandalism, and the presidency over to an abject loon on whom Russia may well hold the paper.
You all had the same choices we all had. You saddled the rest of us with misrule and disaster. Own it...

Every person who voted trump crossed a line. You had every warning, you had every clue there. He even bragged to your faces that he could and would abuse your trust the second you gave it to him, and you treated that like trustworthy leadership. You failed in your primary duty as citizens of the United States: to take an honest look at what you were voting for. You put your votes to a man whose only skill has been to shout at people on a fake "reality" show, and now you're wondering why that skill-set doesn't work in politics. And why a guy who claimed he'd "drain the swamp" of DC politics instead filled it up with Wall Street greedheads like himself.

You don't deserve one lick of sympathy.

The only ones who DO deserve the sympathy are the majority of Americans who DIDN'T vote for trump, because they did their damnedest to stop him and couldn't because of a broken Electoral College system.

I have sympathy for the millions of teachers and students whose schools are about to get turned into hamburger franchises disguised as unregulated charter academies.

I have sympathy for the millions of families - legally here in the US as citizens and immigrants - now all of a sudden targets of a bullying immigration police force pushing a "papers please" roundup that's arresting community leaders and not the "bad hombres" the Far Right keeps fearmongering about.

I have sympathy for the millions of Americans who are going to see worsening wages and job security under a wave of deregulation of protections and rights that won't bring back jobs but will boost the profit margins of short-sighted CEOs.

I have no sympathy for the fools who voted for all of this to happen, out of whatever blind ideology or sadistic glee that compels you.

You're gonna get screwed just like the rest of us. I just hope it hurts more for you.

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Denny from Ohio said...

Here in the Buckeye state I would wager that trump carried a majority of public school educators, although I did not scour the larger city results to get a feel for how they trended. Non-profit charters have fared better than the for-profit ones, but that is not a high bar to clear. I simply have no explanation for why they would willingly subject themselves to a dire known outcome. Kasich and the republicans have done their level best to make villains out of teachers on all levels and these voters expect something different from the federal government?