Friday, April 07, 2017

Everything Is Broken. Burn In Hell, Mitch McConnell

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So let's list the various sins of Mitch McConnell:

  • He plotted from Day One of Barack Obama's Presidential administration to hinder, delay, and obstruct any agenda Obama had. McConnell did this while as Minority Leader using Senate rules of Cloture and Filibuster to prevent the Senate from voting on almost everything that came to the floor. You wanna know how Congress stopped working? This is one major part of the problem (the other part is goddamn Far Right Wingnuts)

Look at how it DOUBLED when McConnell became Minority Leader (chart provided by The Week)

  • There have been reports - more of them coming out now as investigations into trump's dealings with Russian businessmen and trump handlers' dealings with Russian AGENTS get serious - that the Intelligence agencies informed Republican leaders in Congress as far back as October (maybe even in August) that trump's campaign was actively engaged with Russian hackers and other forces to manipulate the 2016 Elections. Word is, McConnell refused to do anything about it, accusing Obama of playing politics with the intel. As it becomes clearer that trump DID deal with the Russians to mess with the elections, it becomes likely that McConnell allowed treasonous acts to occur just so he could stay in power.

The deepest pit in Hell is not enough for McConnell.

And worse, every evil act he committed was rewarded by an American electorate who bought into McConnell's kabuki theater. Every time the Republicans obstructed and blocked Obama and the Democrats, they won more elections. Any attempt at accountability got flushed down the nation's toilet.

All that's left us is an America under the control of a wingnut-driven party that can't even compromise with itself.

All that's left us is an America under the control of a Congress that can't even unify under one party to get anything done (even the stuff that could make things worse).

All that's left us is an America under the thumb of a goddamn bankrupt con artist bully breaking constitutional rules and executive office ethics - and likely committing TREASON working with a foreign power against our country - all in the glory of his goddamn brand name.

Let me repeat: The deepest pit in Hell is not enough for Mitch McConnell.


dinthebeast said...

The day McConnell dies will be a good day, sort of like the day Reagan died was a good day.
One thing in that murky history that I'm repeatedly reminded of is how good Nancy Pelosi was as speaker of the house. She got pretty much all of Obama's agenda passed, after which much of it died at the hands of McConnell's filibusters in the senate.

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

Hello, are you the Paul Wartenberg who left a comment on about Samurai Jack? If so, how do you like it so far? I am wondering how long poor Jack will have to walk around shoeless in his underwear. At least they got him out of that snowy area. ��

Paul said...

I like how they've kept the cinematic style and impressive fight scenes. there is a lot of overt symbolism but it hasn't been too distracting. I'm slightly upset they weeded down the Daughters to just one left this quickly - they could have made the surviving sisters question each other more about the purity of their mission to kill Jack - but I understand the need to simplify the character threads.

I do think they need to resolve the fate of the sword soon.

Anonymous said...

Yes, they could probably afford only one over-five (lines) daughter of Aku. (An actor gets paid more if the character has five or more lines.)

Yes, where's the sword? Who's the bushi? And does Aku even know he was the father of septuplets?