Friday, September 18, 2020

Oh No. Ruth Bader Ginsburg Died.

No No No is literally trending on Twitter.



Okay, if we can go to a calmer voice like Russell Berman at the Atlantic about this:

The death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg today represents a devastating loss for feminists who held up the 87-year-old as an icon of women’s rights, and as a bulwark protecting abortion rights and a wide range of other progressive ideals on a conservative Supreme Court. The Brooklyn-born jurist became one of the nation’s foremost advocates against gender discrimination as a lawyer for the ACLU, decades before President Bill Clinton appointed her to be the second woman to sit on the high court.

But her passing less than two months before the presidential election also tosses one more lit match into the tinderbox of national politics in 2020: It will surely inflame a deeply polarized country already riven by a deadly pandemic, a steep economic downturn, and civil unrest in its major cities.

In Washington, the vacancy fight could ratchet up tensions to a level unseen even in the tumultuous Trump era. President Donald Trump will be eager to fill Ginsburg’s seat immediately, seizing an opportunity to rally his base before the election and to cement his legacy in the event he is defeated in November. He could also become the first president since Richard Nixon to install three justices on the high court in a single four-year term. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has already indicated he’s ready for another confirmation battle, either before or immediately after the election. Republicans might be hard-pressed to consider and approve a Trump nominee in the eight weeks before November, but even a victory by Vice President Joe Biden and a Democratic takeover of the Senate might not prevent Trump from successfully appointing another justice. Republicans would still control both the White House and the Senate until a new Congress takes office in early January...

...McConnell has insisted that the precedent he created to deny former President Barack Obama’s nomination of Judge Merrick Garland in the final year of Obama’s term—in a vacancy that occurred nearly nine months before the 2016 election—no longer applies, because the same party controls both the White House and the Senate majority. “Oh, we’d fill it,” the Kentucky Republican promised in May 2019, more than a year before Ginsburg announced the cancer recurrence that took her life. Never mind that the rationale McConnell gave at the time—that voters should have the chance to weigh in on their next Supreme Court justice—would seem to apply even more strongly during an election in which the first ballots have already been mailed...

McConnell will break the rules he himself made because his main objective - Republican political rule even in spite of a majority of Americans opposing Republicans - is all that matters.

You know Mitch is going to summon the Senate back this Monday and push through a trump nominee of some 30 year old with maybe three weeks worth of legal work but with the farthest Far Right ideology spewing out his mouth to get voted to Ginsburg's seat by the end of next week.

We are looking at the reality of a 6 conservative - 3 liberal skewed bench ruling on banning abortion (plus birth control because the Patriarchy demands it), ending affordable health care, voter suppression, immigration torture, and every other legal matter starting this October.

We are so very royally fucked.

I know, I know. We are coping with the passing of a lioness in American jurisprudence in Ginsburg, a feminist icon whose legal rulings were of high importance and foundational.

But we're also in the gravest national crisis of political gridlock and self-inflicted destruction since 1860. We're being led by crooks and corrupt bastards who do not care for justice or equality or the law itself.

The Darkest Timeline has gone full dark.


Mycue23 said...

She should have retired in 2009. The ego of those who deem themselves indispensable is so large that it blogs out all reason. Marshall did the same thing and we have been saddled with Thomas ever since. We have lost the next 20 years, at least.
Feel free to rain down the comments about the stellar career of RGB, but in the end, she gave us the high hard one. And the quote about cemeteries being filled with indispensable people, is still just as true as the first time it was used.

Paul said...

It was not up to Ginsburg to step down. The SCOTUS is a lifetime appointment and there were many a jurist on both sides of the political spectrum who stayed at the job until their final breath.
It was up to US to step up, to vote for Hillary when we had the chance in 2016, it was up to US to not vote McConnell and other Republicans into the Senate where they willfully blocked Obama's right to fill the vacancy caused by Scalia's passing.
It was up to US to listen to the better angels of our nature, and while 66 million of us tried to when we voted for Hillary in 2016 there were millions who did not in enough numbers to let the sons of bitches "win" and screw this timeline.
If any blame to this dark moment is affixed, it is first and foremost the fault of Mitch McConnell who obstructed not on any honest pretense but out of sheer spite and partisan hackery. Past that, it is on a Republican Party that in 2012 doubled-down on the hatred and rights suppression to prevent the demographic shifts of the 2020s from taking away the Far Right's last chance at crushing America into their broken toy.
All we can do now is fight back, fight for our power to vote, to make every one of our votes count to ensure trump and Mitch and their ilk are out of office not just in 2020 but for the next 30 years we have to cope with Mitch's rigged judiciary.

dinthebeast said...

OK, so let me get this straight: A president who lost the popular vote is going to try and appoint a third of the supreme court with the assistance of a senate majority that represents far less than half of the population of the country.

We have to come up with consequences for this behavior and serve them up right on time and with the gusto befitting the crisis of their making.

I'm thinking a general strike, or as close to one as we can manage.

Here's what Barbara Lee said in an email I got from her this morning:

"We owe a profound debt of gratitude to Justice Ginsburg that we may never be able to repay. Yet, we must try. May we carry her tenacity for freedom and equity with us as we strive for a better, brighter tomorrow."

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Mycue23 said...

She knew the consequences. Of course it's a lifetime appointment, but these are different times. A reasonable person would take that into account, but someone who is a slave to the cult of personality only thinks about themselves. I guess she would have had fewer interviews on talk shows if she retired. If we are waiting for the country to step up and do the right thing, good luck with that.People in power care about one thing and that's retaining control and power. That includes RBG. We are not the country you think we are. We voted for this game show, so don't think that we as a country are better than this. We aren't. We get the leaders we deserve.