Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Brief Thought About Cinco De Mayo This 2021

Look, I understand it's CINCO DE MAYO, the annual day of EATING ALL THE TACOS and DRINKING ALL THE MARGARITAS.

I understand we're slowly coming out of a year-long pandemic that had kept a lot of us from restaurants and bars that would be serving us those tacos and margaritas.

I know that a lot of us have gotten our vaccinations, that a lot of us can risk going out again to restaurants as long as we maintained some respectable distances and kept wearing the masks.

Sad thing is, when I went to my local Mexican restaurant to pick-up a Carryout - I am NOT going to sit in a restaurant until we are damn certain COVID-19 has been contained/managed - I ran into a full parking lot, with 30 people gathered at the front door ignoring every social-distance rule and most of them not wearing masks, and when I went inside to get my meal it was worse: tables packed back to back with every seat filled. I may have only been inside for less than five minutes to get my meal, but my anxiety levels were through the roof.

What. The. Bleep.

To hell with DeSantis and the other deniers saying it's safe - or worse, the ones who keep claiming COVID is a hoax - they are overlooking the reality that COVID-19 is STILL out there, it's still a risk, and Florida alone is one of the higher-risk states (we're ranked 9th right now) thanks to a less-than-average vaccination effort

I know people want to go back to normal. I know you want to go out to bars and night-life and stuff. I know you want the ambience again of crowded places and happy noises of fellow diners.

But Christ, Florida. We're not there yet.

Are we going to have another spike of COVID by next week?!

This is not what General Zaragoza fought for, people. /sigh

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dinthebeast said...

People around here seem to be behaving themselves appropriately, though it's hard to be sure. I didn't see anyone without a mask indoors, but did notice several of them taking their masks off as they came outside. In fact, I was about the only one wearing one (two, actually) outdoors.
We got our J&J shots on Friday, so it's still another week before we're fully protected.
It seems like the vaccination program in California is working fairly well, and we have gone from being the epicenter of the outbreak to one of the lowest rates of infection in the country.
I still know people, who should know better, who are hesitant about getting their shots.
We didn't do anything to celebrate Cinco De Mayo, but if the women from Luna's Tamales are in the parking lot at the shopping center again tomorrow, we'll be in line to get some.

-Doug in Sugar Pine