Monday, May 10, 2021

They're Taking an Awful Big Risk

The Republicans are doubling down on trump, as they push trump's Big Lie of the 2020 election being "stolen" and as they exile any Republican official who dares defy that Narrative.

But is that really a good idea?


Any one of these things under normal political conditions would be a death-knell for the political candidate. Then again, trump has made it a habit of defying the norms and the many ways of crashing due to political gravity.

But the odds can't keep favoring him. trump is too toxic and prone to self-destruction: we've seen that already.

For the Republicans to keep their faith in such a toxic person highlights their party's own toxic nature. This is how far they've sunk. For the Republican Party since 2015 and well into the 2020s, it's been and it's going to be nothing but trumps all the way down. 

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dinthebeast said...

So I wonder what those 100 Republicans who want to start a new party intend to call it? Lifeboaty McLifeboatface?
Fergus is what the Republican base loves. He got more Republican primary votes than any candidate in history, and his share of the Republican electorate expanded after four years of lies and incompetence.
And racism. Can't forget the racism, which is the stinking glue that holds the whole depraved mess of the GOP together, and has at least since Nixon.
So in a sense, he does represent them in their government.
Our job now is to figure out what to do about that so we can maintain our representative democracy.

-Doug in Sugar Pine