Wednesday, December 07, 2022

A Terrible Job of Hiding

I was going to write about the final results of the 2022 Midterms, with the Georgia runoff victory for Warnock giving the Democrats 51-seat control of the Senate, but then this afternoon the social media was jumping up and down about new developments in the Top Secret Classified Documents scandal at donald trump's Mar-A-Lago.

Well actually, the documents NOT at donald trump's Mar-A-Lago.

It turns out that Former President Loser of the Popular Vote (Twice) trump was just leaving classified folders of vital information all over Palm Beach County. Via Hugo Lowell at The Guardian

Donald Trump’s lawyers found at least two more documents bearing classification markings inside boxes at a storage unit in Florida when they searched through items that were brought from the White House at the end of his administration, one source familiar with the matter said on Tuesday.

The new discovery could exacerbate the former president’s legal exposure after the FBI seized 103 documents marked classified at his Mar-a-Lago resort in August as part of the justice department’s criminal investigation into the possible unauthorized retention of national security information and obstruction of justice.

The presence of documents marked classified in a second location beyond Mar-a-Lago, earlier reported by the Washington Post, appears to confirm the justice department’s suspicions, communicated to Trump’s lawyers in October, that Trump possessed additional government records...

Trump’s lawyers were ordered in recent weeks to conduct a more thorough search of items in the former president’s possession by Beryl Howell, the chief US district court judge for the District of Columbia, in a sealed order issued as part of a closed-door court battle.

The order capped a weeks-long process that started after the justice department expressed concern that Trump still had additional documents marked classified in his possession, potentially at other properties, after the FBI seized thousands of materials at Mar-a-Lago on 8 August...

This wasn't anything associated to Judge Cannon's Special Master situation in South Florida - which is still unresolved after the 11th Circuit's ruling - but associated with the ongoing investigations being conducted back in Washington DC, where jurisdiction over federal classified materials are handled. This points to the likelihood that the Special Counsel's office that took over multiple investigations into trump's misdeeds is closing in on criminal charges sooner rather than later. The FBI and Justice Department are NOT slowing up on finding out where every still-missing document can be found. And they seem to have a pretty good idea already what trump's taken: They're still digging because they know there's more classified documents out there.

While it was trump's own lawyers - hiring an outside team to do the digging - that uncovered the fact that even more classified materials are out there in the wild, this revelation proves that it's not just Mar-A-Lago that was trump's only hiding spot for Top Secret stuff he shouldn't have had. If the documents are in more than one location, then every location trump and his people have access to are ripe locations for hiding these docs.

Making it worse is how trump is stashing these classified documents in places that could easily be gotten to. I know, a storage facility in this day and age will have security cameras, double locks, gates and doors, all that. If a foreign power or corrupt corporation found out trump had documents in a storage unit, it would be all too easy to rent a storage unit nearby, walk in normally like you're accessing your own bin, break the lock to trump's storage, sift through what you can find at leisure, and calmly walk back out before anyone notices the busted lock.

It would be easier than getting into Mar-A-Lago, which is notoriously easy to get into in the first place.

This is both hilarious - that trump is just stupid enough to do this - and horrifying - that trump is just stupid enough to do this - enough that we can't ignore this report.

Frankly, I did a better job of hiding my porn stash from my parents when I was 18 way better than trump did hiding our national security secrets.


Shut up. October 1988 was a good month. (Waves hi to Shannon)

Like the elaborations of a bad liar, donald trump is doing a terrible job of hiding the evidence he should never have taken.

Time to issue search warrants for EVERY property trump owns and visited since January 2021. There's bound to be more documents out there to recover that trump's taken with him.

Special Counsel Jack Smith better move fast. Those spies are rushing to the U-Haul Storage buildings nearest to every other trump property as I type this.

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dinthebeast said...

The documents were stored with "suits, swords and wrestling belts" so there's no reason to believe his porn stash wasn't also in there.

-Doug in Sugar Pine