Monday, December 04, 2023

It's Saturnalia Time 2023 Edition!

Ah yes, the Roman winter festival where people drink wine, wear funny hats, deck the halls with greenery, exchange presents, and talk in Latin!

...which kind of describes a Christmas pot luck gathering at the nearby Catholic Church. Hmm.

This year in particular feels a lot like Saturnalia, thanks to all the current social media buzz about how American males think daily about The Glory That Was Rome. There's even a decent Saturday Night Live clip dedicated to it now:

So now I want my Saturnalia musical, you mongrel sons of Visigoths!


Gods, my Latin's so rusty, how do you say "mongrel sons of Visigoths" in Latin?


dinthebeast said...

According to Google Translate, it's "mixti filii Visigothorum", for what that's worth.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Paul W said...

Google Translate is insanely sloppy. An actual Latin teacher would get the nuances. I'd ask at the local college but DeSantis is killing higher education in Florida.