Thursday, May 26, 2016

Volunteers For the Republican (Expletive) Patrol

So this crossed my screen as I read Balloon Juice today, that Newt Gingrich - ex-Speaker of the House, Hypocrite Supreme, and Fifth-Worst Person to Ever Come Out of Georgia - is actively campaigning to be Trump's Vice Presidential tag-team partner:

The Newt’s thin skin and enormous ego are indeed very reminiscent of a certain short-fingered vulgarian, and Gingrich’s inability to keep his eye on the prize (or his pecker in his pants) were largely responsible for the implosion of the GOP’s ‘new permanent majority’ twenty years ago. Putting him under the lights with Deadbeat Donald over the next five months would mean taking bets on which of the two would throw a total pants-soiling hissy-fit first… and whether it would be directed at the other half of the ticket.

While Anne Laurie is treating this as good news - because Newt's not all that popular even among fellow Republicans - I'm still wary of the entire situation. Partly because Trump's polling numbers are NOT going down as I would want, and I'd much prefer Trump going with a greater brain-fart candidate that would truly alienate everyone from here to "iHeart" Pluto.

Another part of it is that while Gingrich's "permanent majority" fell out of power by 2006, by 2010 an even worse version of the Republican Congress rose from those ashes. So nothing can be taken for granted here.

And the thing is, Newt's not the only one. Ex-Governor Rick Perry has been actively petitioning, among several other celebrity wannabes and hangers-on. The supposed split among the Republican ranks hasn't really happened as hoped for, because the overriding tribal affiliation to the Party has resumed control of every Far Right wingnut's mind.

They may not WANT Trump in their deepest part of their collective soul, but they will support him because they have to, even if it means twisting their bent logic - "Oh, he's not REALLY that racist or sexist or ignorant of facts" - into tighter knots than ever before.

And so, there are volunteers for the Shit Detail that is the Number Two Guy on the Trump ticket.

I've pondered before why anyone would take the Vice Presidency - historically speaking, it's an office that had been alienated by nearly every President who preferred their own counsel and Cabinet - outside of party loyalty. It's been a place where political careers go to die (literally in some cases: there are as many dead Veeps as there have been dead Presidents). Granted, ever since the Cold War and the need for proper succession made the Veep job more vital, it's still mostly a hanger-on job: very few modern Vice Presidents successfully become Presidents on their own terms (sorry, Al) and even then never with two full terms (sorry, Bush the Elder and Van Buren).

A lot of it had to do with the office being used to "balance" the party ticket: to placate the faction that lost the Presidency race. Because of that, the Vice President was someone philosophically opposed - sometimes personally opposed - to the Boss, who knew it and would never build a rapport.

Nowadays, the Vice Presidency job has a relatively high profile - due to 25th Amendment considerations, Veeps have to be in the loop more often and their counsel more valued. In the proper environment, a popular Vice President could move post-office into a party role as mentor, with a lot of perks and fewer headaches. So there is some value to being a Veep now.

For Newt - someone who's been driven from high office and looking for some kind of comeback (I'm surprised he never tried for the governor's seat, like most exiles from DC tend to aim for) - even being a Vice President nominee could bring him back into a major intra-party role. That could explain part of his interest.

There's another possibility: getting into the Oval Office with Trump getting kicked out of it...

The Republican Party leadership - plus a lot of outside observers, myself included - still have the nagging feeling that Trump really isn't interested or motivated to really be President. That is, he's running because he started it and can't back out as he needs to satisfy that bloated narcissistic Id of his. This is a guy who likes things handed to him on a gold platter and for things to be easy: whenever anything in his business or personal life gets too hard to cope with, he's shown the habit of dropping that problem like a hot potato and running away.

His World-view and Character is of someone who avoids the major conflict even as he drives towards it, diverts the matter into bankruptcy or divorce court, and moves on to another "easy money" project without a care. For all his tough talk and bluster, he doesn't stick to anything of lasting import or value.

As Trump gets closer to the possibility of winning the whole campaign, more observers are noting how implausible - if not impossible - many of Trump's political promises can even see the light of day. Not so much his offer of a massive tax-cut plan - a Republican Congress will eagerly pass it or something similarly bad - but the promises of mass deportation of illegals, the massive border wall with Mexico, and a trade war with China.

Trump can't change or avoid those promises - although he'd have to if he "pivots" to a moderate stance that abhors such frivolity and race hatred - so he'll likely have to offer something fulfilling those plans if he's President by January 2017. And then he - and the Republican Congress - are going to slam into some serious Brick Walls of Reality:

Those examples prove why - in the Real World as a lot of President-Elects find out real fucking fast - the President of the United States is a lot less powerful than the job title (LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD) makes it seem. You can talk and promise all you want, but once you sit in that chair you're going to find that throne room becomes a prison awful quick...

Ergo: if Trump gets into the Oval Office, he's going to get frustrated with the limits of power he's going to run into. He's going to slam hard not only into the political realities of foreign policy and military interventionism, but he's also going to run against the separation of powers between his office and Capitol Hill.

While it's likely Trump will inherit a Republican-controlled Congress if he wins, it's also likely he's going to inherit a Congress that's out-of-control with the backbencher Tea Party factions making the Speaker and Senate Majority Leader's lives a living hell. Getting any bills through Congress can become a conflict, and Trump's managerial style of bullying and taking what he wants is going to rub a lot of political egos - you never deal with One Congress, you're dealing with 535 Maniacs - the wrong way.

I have marked Trump as a severe Active-Negative character, and historical trends with A-N types - Adams, Buchanan, Wilson, Hoover, LBJ, Nixon, Carter - even with a favorable Congress had a lot of bad blood spilled. Trump could well cause a Constitutional crisis with Congress without even planning to, and given his nature of "bluff first, quit later" it can play out one of two ways.

Trump could quit when the going gets tough, or Trump could get seriously impeached - by his fellow Republicans, whose leadership you'll recall are NOT really fans of his - because he'll cross a line that should never be crossed. And we're talking about Trump whose long list of failures and con jobs point to a man who never paid a price for crossing any lines, and will likely commit a mortal sin before his first week in office is over.

If we're playing out this game, both possibilities equal one result: the Vice President when Trump leaves becomes President.

Now all of a sudden, being Veep is a more appealing position. Despite the likelihood of public humiliation of being Trump's Bell-Boy carrying his luggage - hi, Chris Christie! - the high odds of Trump quitting or getting "fired" for his inevitable transgressions would make it all worth one's while.

It'd be an easy way to sneak into an office that Newt - or Perry, or Palin, or any of the other volunteers - was never able to win on his/her own. If they play it right they could present themselves as "savior" to their party (and the nation) and make a run in 2020 as the incumbent. As long as Trump's disastrous yet short reign didn't cause a massive calamity like a global depression or yet another ground war of doom, they would get good odds to win...

So I'm not surprised by the number of eager cadets lining up for the demeaning job of Trump's Sidekick.

I'm actually a little horrified, because there's enough of these Republicans in party leadership positions genuinely believing they got a shot to win. They can't be that deluded, can they...?

Oh, and ego alert here: I was off by one blog count, so this is actually my 999th blog article. THE NEXT ONE is 1000. I gotta make it count...

Sunday, May 22, 2016

This Is What the Constant BernieBro Backlash Has Brought Me To

(Update: Big hello again to the Crooks & Liars audience visiting via the Mike's Blog Round-Up link! Thank you again, Infidel753 for the promotion!)

What I'm seeing in the Twitter feeds and on - that site has gone so far in for Bernie and so against Hillary that when Hillary wins I'm afeared they'll go full Trump on us - that "we" need to blow up the Democratic Party to save it has driven me to break out the trout and perform the most epic of put-downs:

Breaking out poorly edited Monty Python snark.

Overheard at a Bernie Sanders Support Meeting

Bernie: All right, Shaun King. Don't labor the point. And what have the Democratic Party ever given us in return?

X-Man fan: Civil rights legislation in the 1960s.

Bernie: Oh yeah, yeah they gave us that. Yeah. That's true.

Guy Fawkes Mask Guy: And the unionized sanitation workers!

Shaun: Oh yes... sanitation unions, Bernie, you remember what the city used to be like whenever they'd go on strike.

Bernie: All right, I'll grant you that the civil rights and the sanitation unions are two things that the Democrats have done...

Jeff: And the roads bills they keep pushing so we can fix our aging highways and bridges...

Bernie: (angry) Well yes obviously the roads and bridges... the roads and bridges go without saying. But apart from the civil rights, the sanitation unions, and the roads...

Another Activist dressed like a Ghostbuster: Climate change activism...

Other Cosplay Voices: Cheaper Medicine... Public Education... Frank-Dodd regulations... Obamacare getting 90 percent of the population covered...

Bernie: Yes... all right, fair enough...

Anime Fan near the front: And Obama does his own crafted brewing! I've shared some recipes with him!

All of the Mob: Oh yes! True!

Pope Francis: Yeah. That's something we'd really miss if the Democrats broke up, Bernie.

Stan Lee (cameo): And the crime rate's dropped during the last eight years.

Pope Francis: Yes, they certainly know how to keep order... (The crowd nods)... let's face it, they're the only ones who could in a nation like this.

Bernie (frustrated): All right... all right... but apart from the civil rights and the sanitation unions and Obamacare and education and climate change issues and microbreweries and roads and a regulated financial system and public order... what have the Democratic Party done for us?

Jeff: Nobel peace prizes?

Bernie: (angry) What!? (scornfully) Peace... shut it!

(The previous has been ripped shamelessly from Life of Brian)

I have a little too much MegaCon conventioning on my mind right now. Apologies for that.

Just to note, this is post No.999 on this blog. So the next one I do has got to be a biggie. Keep alert.

Friday, May 20, 2016

What Could Possibly Go Wrong? May 2016 Convention Edition

So here I am in Central Florida, it's that time of year for me to indulge in my cosplay geekery by heading out to the Orlando MegaCon as I threaten to do over and over. This year it fell on Memorial Day weekend, which gave the organizers the excuse to extend the craziness out for FOUR full days of sci-fi fantasy horror anime comic book gaming hilarity.

And here I am also keeping up with the current political Hurricane Of Doom, with Category 5 Trump heading for the coastline and Tropical Storm Bernie threatening to upgrade and blow down the Democratic infrastructure...

To where I'm seeing more and more news about Gary Johnson, former Republican governor of New Mexico and Favorite Son of the Libertarian Party, making arrangements to secure that party's nomination alongside a fellow ex-Republican governor to convert the Libertarians into the "Savior alternative" to Trump that the Far Right media pundits are craving to follow.

The big event is scheduled for the upcoming Libertarian National Convention where the nominee process will get confirmed. And it's scheduled for Memorial Day Weekend.

In Orlando FL.

Oh No. OH NO.

I went and checked the maps. The Libertarian convention is being held in a hotel... just across the street from the main (West) concourse of the Orange County (Orlando) Convention Center where MegaCon is going to be.

Never mind the horrors this is going to create for traffic. If you recall, my previous diaries of attending MegaCons all start off with the nightmarish traffic jams getting into the damn parking lots at the Convention Center. With a political convention being held in that area, there's going to be roadblocks, diverted lanes, even security checkpoints that can screw up everything just getting there. To hell with getting there super-early on a Saturday morning, I'm going to have to go in Friday with camping gear and stay the night to make sure.

I'm worried we're going to get some trouble of the "differing philosophies" kind. Granted, there's already a large contingent of Heinlein/Rand Libertarian fans among the sci-fi community that can show up at these cons, but I am afeared they're going to get a little riled up with a nearby nominating party that will get them drunk on imported Colorado medicinal herbs and small government rhetoric.

All it's gonna take is one Atlas Shrugged cosplayer getting into a shouting match with a Trekkie over "The Needs of the Many" and it'll be the Pumpkin Spice Wars all over again.

Madness. Utter madness ahead.

And I cannot avoid it. I've got an obligation to show. There's a panel discussion on NaNoWriMo on Friday and I have to be there to represent.

I pray to the Old Gods and the New that the Force will be with me, always..........

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Republican Congress Working As Promised: Which Is, They're NOT DOING A DAMN THING

We're here again, railing against the real source of our national woe: the broken dysfunctional Congress led by Republican factions that refuse to do their damn jobs.

Which recess session are we in now? The one that lasts two weeks or the one that lasts two months? I've lost track, our Congressional officials have SO MANY WEEKS OFF ANYMORE.

Sigh, okay, let's go to someone else's current observation of how messed up our Legislative Branch is at the moment. To Norm Ornstein at the Atlantic, take it away:

...The truly cringe-worthy failures started when both the House and Senate refused to even acknowledge the president’s budget, an unprecedented step, and the House and Senate Budget Committees followed by refusing to hold the usual annual hearing when the president’s top economic advisor comes to the Hill to discuss the budget and the economy. It was a sign of disrespect that was simply shocking...
...What about the congressional budget? Remember, back when Democrats controlled the Senate, Republican congressional leaders used to laud passing a budget as the single most significant action government could take? This time, the April 15 deadline passed without a murmur, much less an actual budget plan, from either house...
...Now add the embarrassment of the unprecedented failure of fundamental fiduciary responsibility by the Senate to even acknowledge the right of a president to nominate an individual to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court with eleven months to go in his term... The awful lapse on the Supreme Court nomination was part of a larger outrage, the failure to confirm a much larger number of nominees to both judicial and executive branch posts, a record for this Congress far more dismal than its comparable predecessors...
There are very legitimate arguments about the appropriate role and scope of the federal government. But few except nihilists and the most extreme libertarians would argue that protecting public safety in the face of catastrophe or epidemic should be off the government’s books or sharply constrained in scope. And right now, there are three such examples: the horrible Flint water debacle, a man-made (mostly state government-made) disaster; the Zika crisis, a classic disease epidemic; and the Opioid crisis...

Ornstein also fails to mention another crisis, slightly tied into the Zika health crisis, and that's Puerto Rico. As a territory, it's in the legal gray area of being supported by the federal but also running its own affairs, but a series of financial crisis over the decades have led to this point where Puerto Rico is billions in debt and requiring massive financial aid.

Financial aid that this Congress would likely choke on because it would mean A) giving social aid and B) the likelihood they'd have to raise taxes to pay for it. It could also mean that our federal government would have to finally get off its collective butt and fast-track the process of bringing Puerto Rico in as a full-fledged state in order to merge the debts into the federal government's.

So as you can see, the Republicans are treating these problems as the priorities they are... completely ignoring them and focusing on crap issues. Like denying people who look transgender from ever using public bathrooms again. Even when there's no damn evidence that there's an epidemic of transgender people attacking anybody in bathrooms, this is now suddenly a SCANDAL / HORROR beyond all reckoning. Alongside the usual fearmongering over illegal immigrants, gay sex, abortions, Muslim pool halls, and Hillary's Death List.


This is what drives me up a goddamn wall. That elected officials from one party - Republicans - are so obsessively destructive and yet nearly everybody else watching this are just "oh well, it is what it is."

We're going to be stuck like this until the crises all explode, one at a time or altogether, and in ways so catastrophic that lives will be lost. I'm worried we're facing another Katrina moment, only instead of the mismanagement coming from an inept Bush administration it'll be coming from an inept Republican Congress.

How many times do we have to go through this dance of death before Americans figure out the real threat are these anti-government buffoons intentionally wrecking their own institutions all for their dead-ender zealotry?

Monday, May 16, 2016

Some Notes: May 2016 Edition

Just to state for the record:

1) I'm still going to be at the Local Author's Signing event at the Wesley Chapel FL Barnes & Noble store on Saturday May 21 from 2 PM to 4 PM. I don't care if most of my blog traffic comes from Japan and Russia, I wanna see ALL of you there to support local authors, dammit.

2) I am still working on taking parts of this blog and converting it into a published work, following in the footsteps of Molly Ivins and the newspaper columnists of olde. I'm doing this partly because I want a print record of the ten odd years I've been blogging, partly because the book is going to be about Obama's tenure and there needs to be an outsider's view of how it all went down, mostly because I'm sick of seeing all these anti-Obama books on the shelves at libraries and stores.

2a) That said, converting weblinks to footnotes is a painful and tedious process when you gotta do it by hand. I'm also still stuck on a decent-enough title, not that many people voting on the poll of suggested ones...

3) Going back through the pro-Obama stuff, I now regret not finding the time back in May 2011 writing up the impact and significance of the SEAL raid that killed Bin Laden. It's a key moment in Obama's first term that deserved discussion and I missed it (too busy stressing out over job-hunting at the time I suppose). I'm going to have to write a book-specific article about it.

4) I've decided on going Friday in street clothes to the Orlando MegaCon May 27, and on Saturday May 28 going dressed up as the Jedi.

Friday at Noon, author Bill Hatfield and others are going to discuss writing as part of NaNoWriMo, a forum which I hope to be an audience member. Check out the full schedule here.

On the Friday trip, I'm hoping others I know are going to show up and maybe we all can go see the X-Men movie at a nearby theater. Anybody? Anybody?

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Primary Voting Still Too Low

I don't care what the papers are saying about Trump "getting the most primary votes ever" for the Republican nomination:

Politico's Kyle Cheney noticed something interesting about Donald Trump's big primary wins on Tuesday night. With a number of states still to vote — including the largest, California — Trump is poised to set a new record vote total in Republican presidential primaries. The current record is held by George W. Bush, with his 10.8 million votes in 2000. Trump, according to RealClearPolitics, is currently at a little north of 10 million.

If 10 million or 12 million or 15 million sounds like a lot to you, try some perspective:

Overall voter turnout for the primaries looks to be 29 percent of the registered count.

That's obscenely low.

Part of the problem is that the independent non-party voters cannot vote in Closed Primaries, which is most of them. A Closed Primary makes sense for a party to host because it encourages party membership... except that it doesn't. There is no way a majority of Party members - neither Republican NOR Democrat - are contributing their time and energy towards selecting their own party nominee.

It boils down to choices, and a lack of them. Let's be blunt, if the voters who DIDN'T SHOW UP for a Primary were counted as "No Confidence" None-Of-The-Above votes, none of the last remaining names would be standing. Nobody would be. Which is why we don't get "None of the Above" as a ballot choice.

There ought to be other ways - better ways like full holidays or mandating a minimum voter count before the elections can be closed and confirmed - to encourage higher participation. To me, higher participation means getting more voices involved, more choices offered up to appeal to the broader range of voters. As it stands right now, the only candidates who run are the ones who think they can appeal to the extremists as those extremists are the only ones guaranteed to show up to vote.

Which makes the rest of us suffer because we don't end up with good choices at all. Just desperate ones.

If we ever get a primary where over 50 percent of the voter population actually shows up, then I'll buy the argument that the will of the people is being heard and that the winning candidate is truly reflective of the national mood and momentum. Otherwise, they're all just weak offerings to the Old Gods and the New.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Let Us Rid Ourselves Of These Illusions

This is what I get for reading too many comic books back in the 1980s and 1990s:

From Infinity Gauntlet Issue 5. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is building to this.
From Infinity Gauntlet #5, copied from F-ck Yeah Thanos tumblr
I just like that final paragraph: Let me be rid of all illusions.

I'd like to think I can live with that as part of my moral code, that I will not let myself get deluded by misplaced ideology or twisted perspective of the real world around me.

Thing is, I keep seeing others refusing to give up their illusions, and it gets painful to watch them founder and wallow.

Take, for example, the media elites who keep pining for some Republican Savior to rise from these Beltway streets. Per Anne Laurie at Balloon Juice:

One should never dismiss any possible development in the multi-ring circus of American politics, especially in this particular cycle. And surely every American is entitled to his or her very own political Theory of Everything, whereby the sufficient application of correct thought to the perfect handcrafted artisan unicorn candidate will CHANGE THE CONVERSATION such that everyone lives happily ever after. But the latest media proposals by the usual batch of Media Village Idiots, reliably wrong ‘pundits’, and ambitious careerists gunning for earned media don’t even rise to the dignity of a couple of tinfoil-hatted cranks taking up floor time at local meetings and wall space on public buildings (or Facebook) to promote the Independent Union of Patriotic National Americans for Responsible Freedom…

Another take is from Alexandra Petri with the Washington Post - whose snark is attention-getting, this post about the DC Metro is one of the best satire works I've seen in regular print - who notices that the Republican Party leaders are twisting themselves up into knots trying to avoid saying they'll back Trump:

...But fortunately for senators in tough, competitive seats, there is another option. You don’t have to endorse Trump. You can just support the Nominee of the Party.
These are not the same thing at all! They are quite different. The Nominee is everything Trump isn’t.
Here’s Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) talking about Trump: “I have strong disagreements with Mr. Trump.”
Here’s McCain talking about the Nominee: “The nominee of the party, the party of Ronald Reagan and Teddy Roosevelt, has my support.”
Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) won’t endorse Trump. In February, she said, “There’s no place in our society for racism and bigotry, and I found Mr. Trump’s response to David Duke and the KKK disgusting and offensive.” But she will support the nominee...
It is good that there is this third option. The Nominee sounds wonderful.
He seems to have a strong base of support. Senators who have nothing positive to say about Trump at all speak glowingly of the mysterious Nominee.
Very little is known about him, apart from the fact that he is probably statesmanlike and definitely not embarrassing to have at the top of the ticket, and probably Reagan would have liked to have a beer with him, or something, but what more do you need to know?
You can see it - just like Petri does - between the lines: these are people - politicians, pundits, pollsters - still pining that somehow they can turn this Con Artist Trump into a "respectable" mimic of their One True Reagan, or better still find a "pure" True Conservative (tm) to stop Trump with the purity of Burkean Thought and then crush Hillary driving all Democrats before him while the women lament.

As Anne Laurie notes:

But wherever could they find such a New Hope - a candidate of sterling conservative credentials, telegenic enough for the cruel media spotlight, someone who doesn’t mind risking the considerable chance of ending up as a nation-wide punchline? Cometh the hour, cometh the man...
That's the thing, isn't it? The Republicans and their pundit allies have been looking for this One True Conservative Savior (tm). Where the hell is he?

When this whole 2016 circus started back in 2012 - I am not kidding, the second Karl Rove had a meltdown over Ohio the entire party was planning for this - the buzz among the Republicans was that "we're going to have a strong selection of candidates" for this cycle. But by 2014 the signs were there that whatever bench of talent they had, the GOP really didn't have all that deep or imposing or charismatic a roster. And look what we got.

This year's roster - a group of weak unpopular governors, weak unpopular senators, and how-the-hell-did-they-show-up set of amateurs - was weaker than 2012's, made up of weak unpopular governors and senators and congresspersons and amateurs. And THAT election cycle was weaker than 2008's, made up of weak unpopular governors and senators and congressmen and barely one popular senator in McCain who still blew it on a ramshackle platform blown apart by a collapsing economy blamed in part on Bush the Lesser's poor oversight.

There's been a downward spiral in True Conservative (tm) Heroes to rally to.

What we're getting is this ongoing fantasy, this wish fulfillment, among the Far Right pols and pundits desirous for The Return Of The Reagan Heir: the Prince That Was Promised. We're talking about a set of people pining for the days when it was 1985: when Reagan stomped the hell out of Mondale and his dirty hippie librul army of Electoral College no-shows, Bipartisanship meant Democrats paid for the bar tabs, Capitalism was ascendant, Soviets were getting blown up in Afghanistan, Wall Street was peaking, Grenada was pacified, MTV gave us endless loops of "Money For Nothing", and it was safe for decent honest hard-working folk to openly declare they were proud to be Republicans Americans.

These pundits and pols still don't get it: that was all an illusion.

Even Reagan wasn't really Reagan. For all his "heroics" of tax cuts, union-busting and deregulation, Reagan really raised taxes again when the early cuts in 1981 made things worse, didn't go after the social safety nets like Medicare and Social Security like promised, and eventually played nice with the Soviets on getting nuclear weapon bans in place.

All Reagan really had was a skill set at being charming and congenial and communicative, which created his appeal to the general population. But that didn't make a True Conservative (tm) the way his hagiographers believe to this very day.

When the modern Republican Party is pining for a Savior, they're really pining for a candidate who can be this Passive-Positive person, someone likable and pleasing to the audience. Which was why a lot of pundits kept falling in love with these photogenic types like Marco Rubio or Scott Walker. But that person doesn't exist anymore. And for one very good reason.

The Republican Party doesn't HAVE anyone anymore who is genuinely likable or congenial. The Far Right has driven everyone out who can be open-minded and receptive and appealing on a personal level. They've created an environment within their party ranks that every member HAS to support a dogmatic agenda - restrict or kill a federal government they view as "bad" - that can only be backed by Active-Negative types of dour and sour politicians. That type of agenda can only attract that type of candidate, no matter how hard they try to fake empathy.

Any hope they have of a Republican even pretending to be the same as Reagan - or Eisenhower, or Teddy Roosevelt, or Lincoln - is a fool's hope.

This is it, Republicans. This is it, Bill Kristol and Erick Erickson and David Brooks and others raging against the oncoming storm that is Trump. No more lies, no more illusions. The reason you're getting Trump as your banner-carrier is because all your efforts the last 30 years to build a new Reagan has instead built a toxic stew of racism, sexism, anti-Establishment anarchy, and failure of leadership within your own ranks.

There is no one coming to save you, Conservatives. There is not enough fairy dust to make this wish come true. You as Republicans are utterly screwed, and you made it that way. No excuses.

The best we can hope for now is that there's enough American voters fighting to save themselves at the ballot box able to drive out this toxic Party of John C. Calhoun into the gutters where Eisenhower feared it would go. Get out the vote, America, go vote this November and for the Love of God don't vote Republican, they have neither deserved nor earned our vote for decades now...