Saturday, August 08, 2015

Shameless Self-Promotion: New Anthology Stories for All Seasons

Just cross-posting from my writing/librarianship blog:  my local writers' group Writers 4 All Seasons decided to work on a group project, getting our own anthology based on a specific theme published.

Stories for All Seasons is themed around seasons, and story order placed by chronological order.  As such my Christmas-timed story "Where the Snow Is Grey" is towards the end.

It's currently Kindle-only as an ebook (print is well, expensive to produce) but I will ask about EPUB format, hopefully we will have that format soon as well.

I'm feeling a bit buzzed, getting published again with a short in a nice anthology that I hope all 7 readers of this blog can enjoy... ;)  Makes me wanna finish those damn novels I keep blocking over /headdesk /mutter /grumble

Hope you're having a better weekend than the Republican Media Elites. ;)  And to the 3200-plus people who used my drinking game for last Thursday's debate, I hope your livers and hangovers forgive me.

Update 8/12/2015: it's selling rather well, I saw it ranked as high as #91st on the Amazon sales list for Short Stories.  By comparison, my individual stories like "Welcome to Christmas in Florida" is around 1,378th in the Short Reads > Teen & Young Adult, and Last of the Grapefruit Wars highest ranking is 37,949th in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Short Stories > Single Authors.

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