Friday, August 28, 2015

Update: GOP Debate Drinking Game for 2016 But For the September 2015 Foofaraw In Particular

UPDATE 9/16/15: Tonight is the night!  Please remember to 1) drink responsibly, 2) have a designated driver even if you're at your own home, 3) feed the cats and walk the dogs first, 4) don't vote Republican for the next ten generations, and 5) boycott 20th Century Fox's efforts to make another Fantastic Four movie, Gods save us...

UPDATE 9/15/15: The final line-up for the formal debate at 8 PM will be Trump, Trump, Trump, baked beans and Trump, Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Trump, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Trump, Marco Rubio, Mike Huckabee, Rand Paul, Trump, John Kasich, Chris Christie, Trump, and Carly Fiorina.  Also Trump.

The undercard will be Rick Santorum, Bobby Jindal, George Pataki and Lindsey Graham.  It might have included Rick Perry but he said an "oops" and fled for the safety of the Future Vice Presidential Candidates Retirement Home.

Despite Pinku-Sensei's best efforts to come up with a drink for Deez Nuts, the 15-year-old candidate will not be on the stage for the debates.  Sorry.

UPDATE 9/11/15: Damn the man.  Rick Perry went and dropped out today like a wuss boss, taking out one of the funnier candidates I had on my damn Drinking Game.  HOW THE HELL AM I GONNA MAKE "Take Three Drinks for X That Rick Perry Says" REFERENCES NOW?!?!?!  /cries

Sigh.  Anyway, the debate is JUST THREE DAYS AWAY (Five sir!) FIVE DAYS AWAY and I need to make sure 1) You're sitting comfortably in your sofas 2) You have an appropriate mix of drinks for this game, courtesy of Pinku-Uber uh Sensei,

Also, Pinku-Sensei has a drink lined up for Deez Nuts.  Which is a problem for me because 1) He's too young to drive all the way back to Cali for the debate and 2) HE'S LIKE TWELVE FIFTEEN YEARS OLD, MAN I can't promote underage drinking!

Read on, Don...

If you know what "foofaraw" means - no cheating using Google or online dictionaries - go ahead a take a drink.  Meanwhile, this post is NSFW so please blog responsibly...

If the Republicans are gonna have a debate every month leading up into the primary season, might as well update the GOP Debate Drinking Game every month as well.

I know people won't stop visiting the August one - given search engine algorithms - but I hope this September one lives up to expectations.

At least Crazy Eddie will have your specialty drink orders lined up on the Motie blog.  He's got special ones for Trump, but I would recommend getting Mexican brews just to spite Teh Donald.  It's your call.  Just remember, I don't drink I'm just the designated driver around these parts.
Update: With Carly Fiorina's rise in popularity among the Fox Not-News elite, there needs to be some drink orders set up for her at Crazy Eddie's place.  With Pinku-Sensei's hard work testing each brand - your liver survived, right boss? - he's come up with the appropriate sheep-themed labels.

Here are the ground rules about drinking:

1. Respect your liver.  Have the decency to pass out before you drink to death.
2. Choose a designated driver to make sure you can get home safe.  Also have buckets and towels ready for any vomiting.
3. Get your declaration of love for your friendly toilet bowl done while you're sober.  Make sure the crawl path between your chair and that toilet is free of any sharp objects that can cut your kneecaps.
4. Even if you drink only water for this game, be aware that too much water is toxic.
5. Do not be surprised if something insane, insulting, and inconceivable not even covered by this drinking game happens during debate night.  Nobody had Trump going after Megyn Kelly (or her attacking him with pointed questions) the way he did this August.  Just be prepared for some serious xenophobia, librul-bashing, and the slight possibility that the Republican Party establishment leaders are drinking more than you.

So, for the debate set at The Ronald Reagan Worship Temple of Passive-Positive Conservatism for this Wednesday September 16: THE REPUBLICAN PRE-PRIMARY "2015 IS TOO EARLY TO CAMPAIGN DAMMIT" DRINKING GAME (be prepared for Updates as situations change, by the way)

General Rules
  • If any candidate talks about meeting Ronald Reagan in person, take a drink.
  • (Update) If any candidate talks about being invited to the Reagan Library so that St. Ronnie could anoint him/her as THE CHOSEN ONE, take two drinks.  If the candidate points to the exact spot it took place, add a drink.
  • (Update) If any candidate shows his/her own library card for the Reagan Library, take a drink.  If Nancy Reagan or the Library Director comes on stage with a receipt showing fifty dollars or more of overdue fines and lost returns, take a drink for every ten dollars of overdues, and take three drinks for every lost book.
  • (Update) If all sixteen candidates perform a Black Mass to summon the demonic form of Reagan in his Hall of Power, to smite all and bring about the apocalypse, drink whole bottle and barricade the doors and windows.
  • (Update) If any candidate praises Fox Not-News for "honesty and credibility" even though THIS debate is Live on CNN, throw bottle at screen.
  • If any candidate tries to out-pander Trump, take a drink. This also applies to Trump, who is allowed within the rules to pander as much as inhumanly possible.
  • (From @word_34 aka SkarkWeekSneak) If "Hillary" "email" or "server" are mentioned in the same sentence, you have to do double shots.  Throw in "Benghazi" here too.
  • (Update) If a foreign policy matter that DOESN'T involve war drumming or trade boycotts even comes up as a debate topic, drink whole bottle in surprise.
  • If any candidate accuses Obama of being the Worst President Ever, throw a dart at a photo of Dubya taped to the wall and take two drinks.
  • If any candidate calls for the defunding of Planned Parenthood, take a drink.  If the candidate calls for the arrest of Planned Parenthood staffers, take two drinks.  If the candidate calls for the arrest of women who go to Planned Parenthood even for basic women's health care needs, turn off the TV and get stinking drunk because the Republicans are pretty much writing off the women's vote even in Red States.
  • If any candidate calls for the impeachment of Barack Obama over:
    Executive orders, take two drinks;
    The Iran treaty, take six drinks in honor of the other nation signatories;
    Disrespecting Congress, take seven drinks for each year Obama's had to deal with their sh-t;
    Being an illegal Marxist Muslim Kenyan, finish whole bottle.
    (Update) The way Obama ties his shoelaces, even though Obama wears loafers, finish whole bottle.
    (Update) Naming mountains after the local Native American tribes' designations instead of former Presidents, break out some Alaskan crafted brew and finish whole bottle.
  • (Update) If any candidate makes snide remarks about Jimmy Carter having cancer, donate money or materials to Habitat for Humanity and then riot in the streets for their trashing a fine humanitarian whose post-Presidential career has been better than most Presidents' administrations.

And now, to the specific doom-bringers by order of the most current polling track.  CNN will follow Fox Not-News guidelines of having the top ten polled on the big stage (so this list will get a cut-off set during the final Update) with the survivors clinging to hope during an earlier round of debates, but is offering near-equal coverage otherwise.  New drink rules for each one will be established, although the good funny ones from August may roll over:

Donald Trump
  • Just take a drink already.  It doesn't matter what he says because whatever it is will drain the soul and break the heart.  When he speaks, just BOOM one shot, slam the glass / bottle down on the table, and wait for the next one.
  • If Trump describes The Trump Wall in any detail, take two drinks.  If he uses the word "classy" as part of the description, add a drink.
  • If Trump attacks the moderator verbally for what he feels is an insulting question or directed barb, take a drink.  If Trump disparages the moderator's gender, take two drinks.  If Trump expresses disdain for the moderator's fashion sense, finish off the bottle.
  • If Trump describes Nancy as a "classy broad," just sit there flummoxed because it'll be a clue that TRUMP has been drinking before getting on-stage.
    (Update) If Trump is referring to Nancy Reagan, take a drink.  If Trump is referring to CNN's Nancy Grace, take five drinks.  If Trump is referring to Nancy Drew, throw bottle at screen.

Ben Carson
  • If Carson or anyone else mentions how he's gotten to the Number Two spot behind Trump in the polls despite the fact he's got no legislative or administrative experience at all, take a drink.  If they try to describe this as a GOOD thing - the anti-government belief that experience in governance is actually BAD - drink whole bottle.
  • If Carson correctly names the capital of Uzbekistan (it's Tashkent), take a drink.  If any other candidate fails to name a nation's capital, salute Carson for actually working on his foreign policy homework. 

Jeb! Bush
  • If Jeb! accidentally uses the term "anchor babies" to describe Mexican-Americans, take a drink.
  • If Jeb! accidentally uses the term "anchor babies" to describe Asian-Americans, take a drink.
  • If Jeb! accidentally uses the term "anchor babies" to describe Puerto Ricans who are already Americans thanks to laws passed in 1917(!), take a drink.
  • If Jeb! accidentally uses the term "anchor babies" to describe Canadian-Americans, laugh mercilessly at Ted Cruz and take two drinks.
  • If Jeb! accidentally uses the term "anchor babies" to describe Czech-Americans, call up a Hebrew mystic, forge a golem using Rabbi Loeb's methods, then have the golem take a drink 'cause buddy he needs it.
  • If Jeb! accidentally uses the term "anchor babies" to describe Native Americans, sober up damn quick 'cause that sh-t ain't funny.
  • If Jeb! accidentally uses the term "anchor babies" to describe Greek-Americans,  start the rioting in the streets of Tarpon Springs FL with mass burnings of Jeb! in effigy, then take a drink.
  • If Jeb! accidentally uses the term "anchor babies" to describe Italian, Irish, German, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, or any other Euro-Americans, you're probably passed out at that point because he's run out of ethnic groups to insult.
  • (Update) If Jeb! tries to talk about his tax-cut plan, ring the Bell Curve and take a drink.

Marco Rubio
  • If Rubio quits the stage and flies straight to Cuba because he can't take this stupid electoral process serious anymore, drink whole bottle.
  • If Rubio charges that flight to the RNC's credit card, start another bottle and finish that off.

Ted Cruz
  • I still think it's possible if Cruz attempts to suck the soul or eat the heart of Donald Trump live on-stage, you should drink whole bottle.
  • If Cruz merely attempts to fellatio Trump on-stage instead, take two drinks and spit.
  • If Cruz talks about Rorschach being his favorite comic book character, cry into your drink first before finishing the whole thing off.

Scott Walker
  • If Walker tries to say anything along the lines of "I have no strong feelings about that issue one way or the other," take a drink.
  • If Walker tries to say anything along the lines of "I'll support whatever the other candidates support," cook a Belgian Waffle, eat the waffle, throw the waffle maker at the TV screen, then drink whole bottle.

  • (Update 8/30) If Walker calls for the construction of a 5,500-mile long wall along the U.S. Canadian border, shout "NOW HIS WATCH BEGINS" and drink whole bottle of any Canadian brand you got.

Carly Fiorina
  • If Carly brings out a bouquet of flowers sent to her by Roger Ailes and puts it on the podium, take a drink.
  • If Carly talks about the need for a strong business executive with a track record of success to serve as President, remove her from the stage and replace her with eBay's Margaret Whitman.
  • If Carly talks about mutant demon wolf-sheep, drink whole bottle.
  • (Update): If any of your drinking partners starts humming "Sheep" from Pink Floyd's Animals, take a drink.
John Kasich
  • If Kasich talks about a balanced budget amendment, take a drink.
  • If Kasich talks about a balanced budget amendment while discussing foreign policy matters, take two drinks.
  • If Kasich talks about a balanced budget amendment during an argument over which teams are likely to play in this year's World Series, slap the man and finish off bottle.  Then again, neither the Reds nor the Indians are in playoff contention so... 
Mike Huckabee
  • If Huckabee says one damn word about his "ability" to judge morality in others, scream JOSH DUGGAR at the top of your lungs and throw every bottle at the screen.
  • If this f-cking Pharisee even tries to play the holier-than-thou crap on-stage, throw every intact bottle at the screen again.
  • (Update) If Huckabee demonstrates a failure of basic American History knowledge such as ignoring the legitimacy of the 14th Amendment or failing to recognize the No Religious Test Clause and the 1st Amendment's prohibition on Congress recognizing an established religion, throw every bottle at the screen.  
Rand Paul
  • If Paul lights up a blunt on-stage, do the same (California's legit to light up, yeah?)
  • If Paul uses a bong shaped like Reagan's head, take three tokes.
  • If Paul shares any of his Ayn Rand/Robert Heinlein fanfic from college, put that roll out and stop laughing.  Bro, dude, I said stop.  Yo, it hehe ain't that hehaho funny oh no hehehahaha the second-hand smoke's cough cough hahahaha is getting to me...
Chris Christie
Rick Perry Dammit you had one job!  Stay up on the stage and take the jokes like a man!
  • This never gets old: If Perry flubs a debate answer (again), take three drinks.
  • If Perry openly wonders where the hell his deep-pocket Texan friends are while his campaign shuts down due to running out of non-SuperPAC funds, laugh and take three drinks.
Rick Santorum
  • If Santorum punches out any Google executives in the audience during the debate, take two drinks.
Rick Roll Sorry had to be done

Rick, uh Bobby Jindal
  • If Jindal openly admits he's pandering his heart out to get even a hearty handshake from someone, ANYONE, shout back at the screen "Go ask Grover" and take a drink.
  • If Jindal pulls out a remote detonator and threatens to blow up a Louisiana Planned Parenthood office right there on the stage, call the FBI on him for terrorist activity and take a drink.
Lindsey Lohan uh Graham
  • If Lindsay talks about her upcoming work schedule such as a new pop album and hopes of a Hollywood comeback, you've got the wrong Lindsey on your channel so switch it over from TMZ back to CNN.
  • If Lindsey talks about his upcoming work schedule of shutting down the government over the Iran treaty, take a drink and switch it back to TMZ.
George Pataki and Jim Gilmore
  • Dudes.  No invite.  Go home.  With Perry out do either or both of these low-tier gentlemen get the invite now?
  • (Update 9/15): Since Pataki got an invite, If Pataki says something at all, take a drink.  We're overcompensating for the fact that with Perry gone people are not getting the extra drunkenness of "three drinks" that Perry provided.
Deez Nuts

  • Dude!  HE'S FIFTEEN.

Whew.  I need a drink after writing all that.

If anyone has suggestions for rules, please pass them along in the Comments area or if that's not working to tweet me @PaulWartenberg as long as it's at least 48 hours before the debate begins so I can make sure everything's in order.  Danke.

And when it's all said and done, wake me up when September ends.


dinthebeast said...

I love the word "foofaraw", and find it entirely appropriate for such an event. And thanks for upholding the library aspect of the venue, although the only payment Nancy should receive should be in decades old cups of pee...

-Doug in Oakland

Pinku-Sensei said...

Thanks for linking to me twice and giving me a head's up on my blog. In response, I'll be a good environmentalist and recycle my reply.

"I'm keeping the same drinks for the same candidates. About the only change I foresee is adding a drink recipe or two for Carly Fiorina, who has an outside chance of bumping Chris Christie or John Kasich out of tenth place. I'll just add them to your new rules."

I've already found a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing beer (an IPA) so that's taken care of.

That's for the main debate. Since you have rules for the rest of the candidates, I may as well find drinks for people to imbibe during the "Happy Hour" debate, too.

Paul said...

Danke, Pinku-Sensei. Yes, that beer label is appropriate for Carly.

Paul said...

Now I need to figure out how to turn off or hide the first month's drinking game because that's still getting traffic while this one isn't... :/

Pinku-Sensei said...

Glad you liked the beer idea. Even better, it's from a brewery in California.

As for the previous entry, I wouldn't recommend doing either of those. Instead, you did exactly what I would have suggested, add a link to this post at the very head of the entry and request that readers come here. That, and my link to this entry in the comments should get people coming and going.

I'll also link to this entry from my blog, along with a quote of your rules for iCarly, my drink suggestion(s), and the Demon Sheep video. That should help.

Pinku-Sensei said...

I followed through on all the promises I made in the last paragraph of my second comment in Debate drinking game rules for Carly Fiorina. Hope that helps.

Paul said...

I tweaked my page here, added your Carly drink order, that should help. With this current debacle over mountain names, I added that to the rules as well.

Pinku-Sensei said...

Thank you. I now have a suggestion for Bobby, Drink a Flaming Volcano for Jindal. I've also found out that there is a drink named after Santorum. It's brown and frothy.

Paul said...

A flaming volcano?! Did one just erupt in Baton Rouge? (gives it some thought) Oh man that better not be a reference to that BP oil platform disaster. TOO SOON.

I will not promote that Santorum drink. This blog has standards, dammit.

Pinku-Sensei said...

Here it is anyway: There's a Santorum cocktail, too.