Friday, February 19, 2016

My God, It's Full of Posters

I've been geeking out lately to something NASA and the Jet Propulsion Lab just did.

As a means of promoting their endeavors to explore space, they created a series of Travelogue posters that one would find in a travel agency back in the 1950s-1960s. With an excellent eye to Art Deco style.

They call the series Visions of the Future.

They're beautiful.

I've been using them to decorate the library where I work as we're co-hosting a Sci-Fi street convention.

The only problem: I don't see one for Pluto.


They better work on that!


dinthebeast said...

"Pluto: Start calling it an asteroid, and it'll start acting like one..."

=Doug in Oakland

Paul Wartenberg said...

Pluto is a planet.

Say otherwise and I'm breaking out the banhammer.

Paul Wartenberg said...