Sunday, February 07, 2016

Blogroll Amnesty This Weekend

You might notice that this blog gets occasional traffic from other blog sites.

Every so often, Crooks and Liars will link an article I wrote to their Mike's Blog Round-Up, for which I am thankful.

I've recently noticed that Infidel753 has added links to his weekly roundups on his site.

There's also this annual Blogroll Amnesty, and this year Batocchio at his Vagabond Scholar site added me to his list.

So I need to point out, as this is the Internet, LINKS are everything around here. They link to me, I link to them, people can follow through those links to new and exciting places that offer up drink recipes and NSFW comments about crazy Republicans.

I try to keep up with the Links column I keep over to the right --> of my blog site, and I encourage you to click through and see what the thoughts of the day are at those places.

If you know of any decent blogs I should add to my site - something of shared interests - please post a Comment reply below or else Twitter me @PaulWartenberg with a link. Please and thank ye.


Pinku-Sensei said...

Thanks for the shout-out. It inspired me to write Super Bowl drinks from Tipsy Bartender. If I'm known for drink recipes, then drink recipes it is!

As for a suggestion to add to your blogroll, I recommend p m carpenters commentary. I picked that blog up from Infidel753's blogroll and I read it every day.

Infidel753 said...

If there's one political blog I can recommend as a must-read, it's Republic of Gilead. The focus is on the Christian Right, and it regularly has extremely detailed posts about various fundie conclaves and public events with a huge amount of information about what they're up to. I don't always agree with Ahab, but he's uniquely informative on that dominion of Wingnutistan.

Paul said...

thank ye for the suggestions, adding them now.

By the by, how do I know Marco Rubio doesn't have a Blogger site? Because the Please Prove You're Not a Robot checkbox will flummox him every time.