Thursday, April 18, 2019

The Redacted Mueller Report

Well, it's out. The Twitterverse has been afire since Barr dropped it, with a lot of comments here and there. For the sake of keeping it simple I'm just going to log to my main blog source Balloon Juice starting with Betty Cracker's early take and you can go down the rabbit hole from there.

Oh what the hell I'll add Emptywheel too, with a link to the excoriation of Barr's conduct covering up for trump.

For my part... I've been busy at work today so I'm going to make an effort to read the Searchable PDF version of the Report (follow that link yourself). I want to get my own understanding of what's in there and avoid relying too much on everyone else's interpretations of what happens from here.


"That's GUILTY! GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY!" - unabashedly stealing from "Doonesbury"


dinthebeast said...

OK, now that's just weird. You live in Florida, and the spam comment is for a traveling notary service in California, and Briana has been on the phone many times in the past few days trying to arrange for a traveling notary to meet her in a suburb of Sacramento to notarize some documents for someone who can't travel themselves.

As for the report, remember when Steve Benen noticed that the sentence in the four page summary was actually a sentence fragment as indicated by the bracketed first letter? And how we all began amusing ourselves with what we imagined the first half of the sentence to be? Well as it turns out, the actual first half was more damning than even our hyperbolic imaginings.

-Doug in Oakland

Paul W said...

I get the occasional spam which gets into the filters just fine. It's that I've got a timer on posting comments here and sometimes the spammers post before the timer turns on.

You should see my Wittylibrarian blog. For months early on I kept getting Chinese spam - at least I THINK it's Chinese spam - until I turned on the filters for that blog as well.

I'm hoping to read the Mueller Report when I can. I have it on eBook on Nook. I'm just so damn busy elsewhere.