Friday, April 19, 2019

They Redacted the Table of Contents?

Okay, I took a few minutes last night to begin reading the Mueller Report, and as a librarian my first horror was finding the chapter titles in the Table of Contents itself redacted.

Harm To Ongoing Matter is already a twitter meme.

Seriously? This is how bad it's going to get?

And there's a chapter about "Possible 1030 Violation By Personal Privacy" listed. I'm sorry, but we're talking about someone violating computer fraud laws and we ought to know who that is. If it's not an "Ongoing Matter" which seems to be the main reason for a lot of these redactions, and it's not a liable matter, this is a person whose name NEEDS TO BE referred to either Congress or a DoJ prosecutor's office for charges.

Release the unredacted Mueller Report to Congress. Damn you, Barr.

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