Sunday, October 16, 2016

As We Head Into the Round of Early Voting for 2016

Just in brief, a few things:

It's nice to see Hillary is still ahead of Trump in the polls - we should look at the four-way numbers since Johnson is pulling enough of a percentage to cause a dent in the results - but just remember, polling is one thing TURNOUT is what matters.

Here in Florida, things are looking up: Democrats are doing better with absentee ballot filings and with voter registration. Again, TURNOUT MATTERS. Get the damn vote out, people, we need to stop Trump and slap the Republicans down a few notches in Congress and state offices.

There's this growing feeling both online and in the Real World that people may be tired of this circus, that it's gone on for far too long with this clown Trump ruining many a life. But there's also this sense that people will show up to vote because they know this will put a stake into this vampiric nightmare and let most of us sleep easier after November 8th.


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dinthebeast said...

it does seem a little like the "make the campaign so ugly that no-one wants to participate" strategy is backfiring on them. It turns out (hopefully) that Americans can still get pissed off at clowns trying to tear down the machinery holding up their lives. Sometimes stubbornness can be helpful.

-Doug in Oakland