Thursday, October 20, 2016

Things We Learned From the Final Presidential Debate of 2016

1) Trump thinks he should have won an Emmy.

2) Trump still can't stop himself from interrupting people. Not just Hillary - which he clearly does out of spite - but also the moderator Chris Wallace, which Trump did out of narcissism.

3) The turnaround time on making t-shirts, buttons, posters, and other marketing materials is close to magic today. Within HOURS, Hillary's fanbase was selling tees of "Nasty Women" to crow against Trump's tin-eared attempt to insult her.

4) Thank God for the baseball postseason.

4a) Cleveland Indians are in the World Series. Chicago Cubs tied up with the Dodgers and may be back on track to win the NL title. We may be facing a World Series in which one sad-sack team FINALLY WINS.

This is, of course, the Seventh Seal harkening the End Times.

5) Trump kept lying last night like an unrepentant muthafu.......

6) Saturday Night Live is kinda at the point where they don't have to write a script, they just have to read the original transcripts of the debate and react accordingly. For example, there's a specific moment last night where Kate McKinnon should just break out the celebratory wine bottle during the inevitable cold open skit.

7) Trump is still an idiot.

8) Trump is still incredibly scary on foreign policy issues, especially Putin and other dictators he admires.

9) The biggest fallout from that debate has been Trump's refusal to accept the results of the November 8th election night if it goes against him. This ties into the last week or so of Trump yelling that the election "is rigged" in a direct attempt to undermine the entire process. When asked about if he will concede if he loses during the debate, Trump's vague answer was "I will look at it at the time. What I’ve seen, what I’ve seen is so bad."

And during today's rallies post-debate, Trump added with a horrifying condition: "I will totally accept the election results... if I win."

He's essentially saying the only legit result of the election should be HIM winning, even if he loses by 7 percent of the popular vote and with Hillary trouncing him in the Electoral College 342-196. And he's encouraging his voter base to think the same way.

This is insane. Trump is taking a flamethrower to the entire integrity of the electoral process, which he can't prove is that corrupt and broken - rigging a Presidential election is actually so large-scale and complex that it's next to impossible - but he still tries to sell as such.

10) Hillary essentially won all three debates by presenting herself as informed, composed, confident, and prepared. They weren't the best debate performances of all time - Hillary still tries to talk to people like a college professor and can't really be as relaxed in her presentation - but compared to the sniffling, bloated, rude, ill-informed mockery of a candidate next to her, she hit home runs all three nights.

Get the damn vote out, America. Early voting is already starting in some states and should be going on everywhere by next week (Florida's starts on the 24th).

Vote Hillary for President. Don't vote Republican for ANY office if you can help it.

This election matters.


dinthebeast said...

The damn fool stood up there and accused Hillary Clinton of being outsmarted and outmaneuvered by everyone from Putin to Assad while he himself bumbled into every mere suggestion of a rhetorical trap she brought.
And yes, some of my favorite bloggers are having serious fun with "nasty woman" and even "bad hombre".
I think I get my mail in ballot today, and frankly, not a moment too soon. There's something about actually voting that quiets the sick, sinking feeling emanating from the giant narcissist punk-in better than anything else.

-Doug in Oakland

Denny from Ohio said...

At the risk of stating what might be obvious to most but not otherwise mentioned it is clear to me that HRC is staying composed so as to avoid saying something that would alienate those who grudgingly support her. Trump will cook his own goose. She does not come off as at ease, but all she need do is appear presidential and professional. It should be in the bag if she avoids the big mistake. The Clinton political machine likely also has other things at their disposal that they have opted not to use since Trump is so flaky, unless an October surprise presents itself.

Pinku-Sensei said...

"Trump thinks he should have won an Emmy."

I was thinking seriously about using this as the topic for my weekly (usually Sunday) entertainment entry this week, but I decided to join Dinthebeast's "favorite bloggers...having serious fun with "nasty woman"." I can be a lazy blogger and this topic was easier and more topical.

"Cleveland Indians are in the World Series. Chicago Cubs tied up with the Dodgers and may be back on track to win the NL title. We may be facing a World Series in which one sad-sack team FINALLY WINS."

I'm from L.A. and a Dodgers fan, while my wife is from Chicago and a Cubs fan. For the sake of history and domestic tranquillity, I've decided to keep my cheering quiet and stay out of the way of my wife rooting for her home team, including buying a colorful Cubs jersey for the post-season.

"This is, of course, the Seventh Seal harkening the End Times."

Especially if the Cubs win.