Friday, October 21, 2016

Asking to Help a Blogger Out

Okay, I've mentioned before that I've been struggling with taking care of the bills and balancing out my income. The long years between 2009 to 2013 while unemployed and looking for work, tied in with a job now that's great but low on pay, has pretty much got me living paycheck to paycheck with few other means of additional income.

So woe on me when there's a week where I get caught with an additional cost on something - even a co-pay on a doctor's visit - that throws me into the red with additional costs on the way. Like this one. :(

I've got family that helps keep the checkbook balance, but like I've mentioned before my parents are both retired and both helping another brother with HIS unemployment situation - he's apparently found a part-time job now, but yeah it's part-time - so I really shouldn't be relying on them to bail me out (which they kinda have to do this weekend, but it sucks all around).

So here I am, asking for some help from the audience to leave a little bit in the donation box.

Please take a moment to help out. I know we're all coping with balancing our own personal finances, and hoping the day would come when our wages finally rose high enough to cover our needs. If you do, thank you. I'll do what I can here with the blogging and the anti-Trump ranting to earn your continuing readership.

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