Thursday, October 06, 2016

Couldn't Stand the Weather

So here I am facing the oncoming storm of Hurricane Matthew, hunkering down while my library closes tomorrow with hope that the damage in central Florida is minimal and that things will be normal by Saturday.

And here's Rude Pundit yelling and screaming because Matt Drudge - one of the founding members of the Far Right Noise Machine from the 1990s - is being an idiot about hurricanes:

Because, see, in his Twitter feed and on his website of the godforsaken, Drudge has said that the National Hurricane Center is hyping Matthew and lying about wind speed because they want to "make exaggerated point on climate" change. He has also declared that the winds in Haiti weren't as intense as reported so we shouldn't be as worried because, apparently, meteorologists get off on gridlock and panicked people, I guess...

Drudge's original Tweet:

Here's what Drudge is selling. The Far Right has long accused the scientists pushing a political agenda - a Communist-inspired New-World-Order - to hurt our energy producers by going after the negative effects carbon-based pollution has on our global climate. Rather than accept the slight possibility that 98 percent of scientists who study and research this stuff are actually freaking out that our planet is artificially heating up into a civilization-ending extinction-level event, the media elites of the Far Right alongside the Republican party leadership try to convince enough people that global warming is a myth and that every warning of environmental disaster is exaggerated or worse.

The reason there's a controversy over Climate Change is because the Far Right WANTS the controversy. Any settled acceptance of this fact would destroy one of the key elements of their precious Conservative Narrative.

Ergo, the strength and destructiveness of hurricanes has to be downplayed or mocked: Any proof that the weather is becoming more extreme due to the temperature shifts would ruin the Far Right wingnuts.

Apparently, the Weather Channel is now part of the Vast Liberal Conspiracy alongside NASA, NOAA, Al Gore, and pretty much anybody with a degree in Meteorology, Environmental Sciences, or (insert most college degrees here).

Worse, we got idiots claiming Obama controls the weather.


In the meantime, if Drudge questions the strength of Hurricane Matthew, he's more than welcome to head out to West Palm Beach and stand on US A1A along the beaches and measure that storm surge himself. See what results he gets.


dinthebeast said...

On Comrade Misfit's blog last night they were sort of suggesting that the dittoheads and drudgers just stay put for the overall good of humanity. But if it is a big hoax, who do you think went to Haiti and murdered those 113 people in such an obvious false flag operation?

-Doug in Oakland

dinthebeast said...

Oops, make that more than 800.

-Doug in Oakland

Paul said...

Haiti is going to need a lot of help from the United States and the world. I hope our aid agencies can get in there ASAP.