Friday, October 07, 2016

Just What Is Going On In the Georgia Legal System?

I'm not talking about anything like corruption or denial of basic civil liberties or stuff - although that likely is happening somewhere in the Peach State - I'm talking about the crazy-ass criminals and the judges going crazy on the bench.

Seems there was a shouting match a few months ago between a crazy-ass defendant - already in jail awaiting trial and freshly accused of committing murder while behind bars - who thought he was his own best lawyer (even Stephen King notes when you do that you "have a fool for a client") trying to throw every legal idea he'd picked up from Law & Order re-runs at the judge to see what would stick. When the presiding judge started to shoot him down, the defendant went nuclear, going off on a profane, crosses-the-line-times-infinity rant that would be epic in its own right. Except that the judge flips out over losing control of his courtroom, and sinks down into the mud pit to make things even more twisted.

While the judge did get reprimanded (the jurist did get homophobic there), the transcript of the breakdown became an Internet viral sensation, so much so that a twisted cult Adult Swim cartoon Rick And Morty (think Back to the Future but where Doc and Marty were psychotic dicks) went and made a straight-up animated version of the meltdown.

There should be an easy YouTube of it to embed here:

Good Lord. This is more disturbing than that Florida Woman who tried to warp all of reality to get out of a Georgia trial last year... Remember her?

I think Florida is starting to rub off on our neighboring states in the worst way.

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dinthebeast said...

There is a legal humor site called "Lowering the Bar" that has many such stories, but I checked and they didn't have this one. Maybe I should try to tell them about it?

-Doug in Oakland