Thursday, July 11, 2019

And They're Rounding Up The Families Just Like They Promised (w/ Update)

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Banner headlines tonight:

Across U.S., anxious families brace for Trump's announced mass immigration raids

trump still wants his grand stage event of rounding up enough Latinos to make his racist fan base happy. But rather than go after the actual street gangs, they're going after the working migrants in our low-income jobs as though that will solve all ills. Separating parents from children, God knows what will happen to the infants and youngest of them.

We're going to have modern-day Gestapo charging through ten major cities to round up a thousand innocent families whose only crime was wanting to be here...

...all the while taking orders from a man who rapes underage girls for fun.

Darkest timeline, everybody.

62 million of you assholes voted for this. Goddamn you.

Added 7/12: Nancy LeTourneau at Washington Monthly: trump Intentionally Inflicts Harm on Refugees as Show of Force.

Apparently the details of how to organize this operation are still in flux, which probably means that it is yet another example of this administration proving the British ambassador correct: they are “dysfunctional, unpredictable, clumsy, inept, and incompetent.” But there are several things that we already know about this plan that should signal alarm.
For example, administration officials admit that there will be “collateral deportations.” What that means is that people on the scene who are assumed to be immigrants might be detained, even though they are not targets of the raids. So if you happen to be in the vicinity and have brown skin, you’re likely to be jailed and possibly deported...

If you can't answer the "Papers Please" request - and as a librarian, I've been stunned over the years to see how many people do not even carry something as no-brainer as their driver's license with them - and have skin darker than Ivanka, you're fucked. Never mind how previous deportations have sent hundreds if not thousands of Honest-to-God-I-Was-Born-In-The-USA citizens were shipped off to Mexico and beyond. Now we're gonna try to do by the millions.

This is not about upholding laws. This is all about the cruelty.


dinthebeast said...

They backed off of New Orleans because hurricanes cramp the Gestapo's style, and this is all about the images it will produce for campaign ads.

-Doug in Oakland

Ed said...
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Paul said...

Ed, stop spamming. I am not selling your sad-ass wares.